Friday Feed

15-16 Sawnee Tech News Vol. 17

One Month til EdCamp Forsyth!

EdCamp Forsyth is a free, half-day "unconference." Participants set the topics for the day when they arrive to EdCamp. This will be taking place on Saturday, Feb. 6 from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm at Lambert HS.

New Year Woes

After the break, you noticed your signature was gone, Pandora didn't work, and your search history was gone! User profiles were wiped and you have to recreate your signature and allow Flash plug-ins for certain sites to function. You may have also noticed some of your files disappeared. If you care about the files, save them in your H drive and NOT Favorites or Desktop folders. Those folders aren't "safe" and deleted files can't be retrieved.

PhET Interactive Simulations

Thanks to my friend, Kim Lochbaum for sharing this tool. PhET provides fun, free, interactive, research-based science and mathematics simulations. Each simulation is extensively evaluated to ensure educational effectiveness. Each one can be run online or downloaded to your computer. There is also embed code supplied for each one allowing you to embed the simulations into a page, note, or assignment in itslearning. Some of the simulations are written in Flash so will not work on Apple devices, others are written in Java or HTML5. Pay attention to the icon at the bottom right of each simulation thumbnail. When using Chrome, it's likely that you will need to click the gray shield icon in the top right of your URL bar and select to load unsafe scripts before the embedded simulations will display in itslearning. These are super cool-be sure to check them out!

About the Friday Feed

Betsy Paul is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Sawnee Elementary in Cumming, GA. This flyer is created to share instructional technology news and tools with teachers at Sawnee Elementary, but feel free to use and share with others.
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