All about kangaroos

By. Ava Holmes


Kangaroos are fascinating creatures. Kangaroos have been around for 30 million years. Read on to learn more information.


Kangaroos natural habitat is Australia. Kangaroos can also live in zoos.Kangaroos are found in South Australia.

Body parts/features.

Kangaroos have a pouch on their stomach. Kangaroos have long legs so they can jump very far. They weigh 90 kg. They have large legs to help them have powerful jumps.

Eating habits

Kangaroos eat lots of food. The kangaroo is a herbivore during the re. They eat grass and plants. The kangaroos favorite food is fresh grass.They normally eat at night. They also like to graze during the day.


You can normally find kangaroos jumping. They are one of the very few animals that have a pouch. Kangaroos are very unique animals!
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