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February 2016

Turn and Talk...again?

Math discussions are a very important part of teaching for understanding. Math talk helps us to gauge student understanding, or misunderstanding, boosts memory, supports deeper reasoning, helps develop social skills and supports language development. There are many ways to facilitate rich math discussions in your classroom. One way is using Productive Talk Moves like Turn and Talk. There are several other ways to get students talking during math. Follow the link below for many helpful resources you can use to enhance the math discussions you are already having in your classrooms. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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The March 24th PD is all about Talk Moves!!

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Testing Materials (a message from Vickie Bohidar)

First, I want to reiterate that grid paper supplied to students during an SOL test must be unmarked (no words, numbers, symbols, labels or graphics) and contain squares of equal size. The link included in the CCT agenda is to grid paper samples on the VDOE website. Note that these are samples of grid paper that do not contain words, numbers, symbols, labels or graphics and have squares of equal size. There were two additional pieces of grid paper in your hand out that comply to these same specifications – these can be found in the CCT folder titled with yesterday’s meeting date .

Students should be practicing all year with the same scratch papers that they’ll be using during testing (the same goes for calculators). Teachers should be communicating with STCs about the types of scratch paper, including grid papers that they’ll want available at testing time.

I did touch base with our Testing Coordinator about whether or not grid paper could be stapled. Scratch paper can be stapled or paper clipped together into packets, however it does not need to be made into a packet. Some schools have chosen to do this as a way of helping to account for all pieces of scratch paper that have been distributed to students.

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