Figurative Language


A simile is a comparison between two different things with like or as. An example is the grandpa walks as slow as a turtle. This means that the grandpa is a slow walker.
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A metaphor is a comparison of two unlike things by saying that one things is a dissimilar object or thing. An example is you are my sunshine. This is a metaphor because you can't truly be sunshine.
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Personification is where a nonhuman thing has human characteristics. An example is the wind whistled throughout the day. This means that the wind is blowing all day.
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An idiom is a group of words which mean different then the literal meaning. Two examples are the couch potato watches TV all day. Also you are the apple of my eye. You are not a potato or an apple.
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A hyperbole is an extreme exaggeration. An example is she cried so long that she made a lake. This means she cried for a long time.
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The Big Day

Ella was really excited for the big day. She was turning 15 today. Zurena brought Ella the biggest birthday present ever. Ella told Zurena,” Who is all coming to the party.” Zurena told her all of their friends were coming. Ella smiled so big it was as long as a highway.

Zurena was Ella’s friend for a million years. So, when it came to give gifts, her room became a money pit. She hugged the life out of everyone their. Zurena said to Ella,”having fun tonight. I wish it was snowing though.”

All of a sudden the snow fell to the ground. In January, this time of year in Ohio they have now had snow. Everyone at the party went out to play in the snow. They made snow angles. Had snowball fights, and made snow people. This was the best birthday ever for Ella and her guests. " Thanks for coming," Ella said.

They replied,"Your welcome, Lets Eat Cake!!!!"