Friday Focus

March 18, 2016

Important Dates for Next Week

Technology for CMT next week.

Monday, March 21

    • Student Lighthouse Team Meeting @ 7:30 in Resource Room
    Tuesday, March 22
      • Erinn out in AM at Admin Meeting
      • Chick-fil-A Night 5-7 pm
      Thursday, March 24
      • Leadership Fayette Guests will be visiting our building
      • WWMS 5th grade Parent Orientation
      Friday, March 25
      • Angela and Mesha out for counselor's meeting in AM
      • Erinn Out in AM

      Nuts and Bolts

      • Grade Chairs--Please turn in your updated supply lists for next year if you haven't already.
      • Matt is having knee surgery today. We will have a sub custodian for the next few weeks. Her name is Jamie Evans.
      • Meal Train: if you want to participate in the making meals to help Kari Lee and her sweet new family, please access this link.
      • Keep Tweeting--even though our challenge is over, it has been so exciting to see many of you still tweeting to our #SHMES2day and @saraharpminter. It is powerful to share your stories and to learn from others.

      Check It Out! We never quit learning...


      • Thank you Heather for planning and organizing a great Field trip. --Kim R.
      • Thank you Donna for remaining so calm and helping me make the right decisions on our field trip. --Kim R.
      • Laura, thank you for being keep me sane and remind me to sharpen the saw! Siren
      • HUGE thank you to Erik for being my Liam Leprechaun!! Erik has played this role for 5 years now and the kids love it! Susan
      • Kudos to Jaime for keeping us pumped up with our video contest. You did a great job-even though you were put in FB jail!! Susan
      • Thanks to all teachers for always being flexible. ~Emily

      • Thanks to Sharon Norton for helping me with a printer issue. ~Emily

      • Thanks, Coppolino, for the charter the yellow bus any day!! 2nd Grade

      • Thanks, Butler, for keeping it "FUN"!! 2nd Grade

      • Thanks, Bridges, for the wonderful egg salad for lunch! It was delicious! 2nd Grade

      • Jaime and Amanda! Thank you so much for taking care of our TKES surveys this week! Fourth Grade

      • Siren. Thank you for all of your help and support during this spring enrichment testing window. You're a great teammate! --Amy Hudson

      • Thank you Mrs. Copppolino for helping with one of our ASP students. Ms. Diana

      • Kudos to Susan Boykin for heading up our book study! Great job! --Jennifer

      • Kudos to all the paras!!! I feel so lucky to work with such an amazing group of ladies!

        It's so nice to see everybody working together and stepping up to help each other out! --Jennifer

      • Wendy Jones---thanks for putting up with my neurotic mind this week! (and every week!) Jackie

      • Thanks Joan for all you do for us! You are Awesome and we will miss you next year! --Marie

      • Jaime....Thank you for all your incredible work with Collaboration Nation..You are tireless and amazing! Angela

      • Beverly, you knew exactly why I was walking down the hall the other day. Thank you for keeping up and being so diligent with our sweet girl. Angela

      • Harold, you have the biggest heart and I want to thank you for all the kindness you show me. You make my day so often! Angela

      • Serena, thank you so much for working with me in regard to your little kiddo Thursday. You always pick up on things so quick! Angela

      • Neshia & Brittany: Love seeing all the love and hard work that you guys put into our littlest ones! Their little smiling faces in those awesome lines you guys have been working on make our hearts sing, too! Love y'all! --Tracy

      • Thank you Kelley and Jaime for your help with administering the TKES Teacher surveys. You ladies are the best!!! -Amanda

      • Thank you to all classroom teachers for their patience and flexibility with the media center serving as a testing site all this week. -Amanda

      • Susan Barger , Brook and Rhonda - Thank you for always being so kind and helpful. You have created a wonderful environment. --Karla

      • Mesha- Thank you for helping us with car line this morning. You jumped right in when you saw that we were very short on people. You were a team player for sure. --Karla

      • Greta - Thank you for loving my son so well. You have helped him feel like he can do great things. Thank you! --Karla

      • Ashlee- Thank you for being such a wonderful and caring teacher. Liz

      • Sharon- Thank you for your kind and supportive help this week. Liz

      • Kimberlee- You rock!! You are amazing with your kids! Liz

      • Erik--thanks for organizing the Salad Madness. It was amazing!

      • Beverly--thanks for the flowers and helping Erik get the room ready for lunch. It was perfect!

      • Thanks Cindy, Melissa, Ashley and Jaime for the endless hours put into the planning and preparation stages of Milestones testing. You guys are being proactive!