Nepal earthquakes

how much will it cost to rebuild?


The Nepal earthquake was very devastating it destroyed millions of homes around the region there have been 7,040 deaths reported from the two massive earthquakes and just about 5 hours ago there was another earthquake and tat is the 3rd earthquake reported in the last month. There have been over 14,000 people that have been hurt during the earthquakes and thousands of kids are out of school because there schools are destroyed to the point that they will have to be rebuilt and it will take weeks for that to happen without out the right people to help the kids of Nepal.

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Over the three earthquakes there have been six U.S. Marines that have been killed by a helicopter crash trying to save the people of Nepal. With the destruction that all the earthquakes caused buildings to collapse onto people just siting in there homes doing nothing to the outdoors. With both the earthquakes have been causing earthquake aftershocks that are causing more and more homes and buildings to keep falling. Drones are being use to help people who are trapped. How much will it cost to rebuild? I found about 9 billion dollars.