By: Sarina Dhillon 8J

Important I.T. Rules

Rule number 1

The use of school technology is a privilege, not a right.

If you do anything your not supposed to on school technology you can loose your privilege to use it. If you go on inappropriate sites or download content without permission you may also loose your privilege to use school technology. Using school technology is only for your education, if you take advantage of this then you can get suspended, expelled, etc.

Rule Number 2

Use appropriate language and be nice to others online.

Don't swear or create fake accounts of other people. Creating fake accounts about others can cause you to get into a lot of trouble. It is also against the rules to create a fake account about any staff members, this is a big deal and it comes with huge consequences.

Rule Number 3

Keep your passwords to yourself, do not reveal your personal information.

Don't even give your password to your best friend, they might not be your friend forever. Giving someone your password means they get to access all your information and messages. People can also use your password to post fake things on your account. You should always keep your password to yourself and change it every few months as well, just to be safe.

Rule Number 4

Do not post or forward chain letters.

Chain letter can carry viruses and also many people don't like to receive chain letters. Chain letters aren't real, people just write things down and send it to others who keep on sending it. You should always be aware of what message you are going to open. If you know its a chain letter then ignore it and delete it without even viewing it because they can carry many computer viruses.

Rule Number 5

Suspicion of illegal activities will be reported to authorities for legal action.

Even if you aren't doing anything wrong and something thinks you are they may report you just to make sure.

Rule Number 6

Obey copyright laws.

Don't plagiarize, if you are using someone's work you need permission before hand. If you plagiarize on a school assignment your teacher will almost always find out. Plagiarizing can lead to bad grades and getting a zero on many of your assignments and projects. You can view someone's work and get small ideas but not copy and paste it adn write your name on it.

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