My favorite vacation


Mexico Trip

Mexico was my favorite trip. Right when we got there, we saw my friend from North Carolina. Then we went to this sports bar and watched the soccer world cup. Next,we went to the beach and we went scuba diving and saw an eel and we saw a barracuda. Afte that we went to this fancy place to eat and they cooked in front of you and they did tricks and for dessert I got fried ice cream it was so good. The next day we got up and ate french toast and it was good then we went to the beach. We scuba diving. We also canoed and also paddle boated. That night we ate at this steak place and the steak was like 2 in. thick and had a big chocolate cake. the next morning we got up at 5 a clock and went to the boat place . They had huge fishing poles. we were sitting for a while and I heard a buzz and we had a fish i realed it in and it wa a tuna we caut 7 tuna 2 maccoral. it was so fun and then it ended and the we went to the air port and said good bye to everybody. That concludes my favorite trip.