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Creating/Updating Student Accounts for Your School/District

Creating Student Accounts

This is information about creating student accounts in Discovery Education. If you need help updating existing student accounts, scroll down to learn more. Contact your KET Education Consultant if you have any trouble or need more clarification.

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In the left column, select "Bulk Import/Update Users" under "User Management Tools" as illustrated below.
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Select the file you wish to download.

This process is much more efficient if managed on a district level. Select "Account Admin Department" if you are a district administrator. This file will contain all schools and students within your district. Otherwise, if you are a site (school) administrator, select your school. Download the file.

Next, you will need to add the student data to the spreadsheet template you downloaded from your Discovery Education admin. Many use Infinite Campus data copied from an excel document to populate the necessary fields. Also, you will need to copy the site passcode that is on the spreadsheet template and paste it to populate the number of fields needed (student population) in the first column. You do not need to worry about Account and Site Names. Be sure to save your spreadsheet.

About passwords

We recommend assigning the same password to all students in a school/district, then having the students login and change their passwords before exploring the service. It's much easier in the distribution of account information. Be aware of the COPPA laws.

These are required fields for your spreadsheet:
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From there, let Discovery Education do the work. Accounts should be visible within 24 hours.

Updating Existing Student Accounts

When you have students moving to another school or even leaving your district, it is very simple to update your excel spreadsheet within your DE admin account. Teachers' accounts can be managed the same way, but we recommend contacting your KET Education Consultant when you have teachers leaving your district so that we can transfer their accounts with their content to their new locations.

Just click "Update Rosters" in the Bulk Import/Update Users area within your DE Admin and select "Basic" to download your roster. If you need help locating this section, scroll back to the top of this document under "Creating Student Accounts" and follow the first 3 steps before proceeding.

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Although, it is more efficient to do this on a district level, some districts have opted to manage accounts on a school level. Select your school, or if you are a district admin, select "Account Admin Department" and click "Download."
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To be safe, keep a renamed copy of the downloaded file for backup before opening your roster in Excel.

School Level Management: If you have students that are leaving your school, place a "Y" under "Archive Flag" for those students. You can add new students using the same steps above (see "Creating Student Accounts") within the existing roster.

District Level Management (Recommended): If you are a district administrator and are moving students from one school to the other (8th graders going to HS, etc.), you will need to update the site passcode of those students. For this, keep the "Archive Flag" marked with an "N" to insure these accounts are not archived. Obviously, when students graduate from or leave your system, you will want to archive them with a "Y" in this field.

Another important note for district administrators: If you have schools managing the import/updates, but would like to move students from one school to the other without having to generate a new account, select "Include Archived" in the download form that is displayed above. You will then need to unarchive those students by changing their archive status back to "N" and updating their school's passcode. By keeping the students' accounts active, they will have access to their content, which may be very useful.

Again, this process is much simpler when managed on the district level.

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Save your spreadsheet.

Now, go back into your DE Admin account as you were when you downloaded the roster. Click browse and locate your file.
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The file will automatically be uploaded to Discovery Education. You will receive notification that this upload was successful.
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You will also receive an email from Discovery Education with links to detailed reports. Errors will be noted so that they can be corrected in a timely manner.

Need More Information?

Here's a link to the user's guide, but there are also video tutorials within your admin on the student import page.

Contact Your KET Education Consultant

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