James Harden

Overcoming Personal Problems

Childhood of James Harden

James Edwards Harden, Jr. was born on August 26, 1989, in Los Angeles California. His parents names were Monja Willis and James Harden Sr. Born in California, James spent most of his childhood in the Rancho Dominguez which is a section of Compton. James Hardens father was in the Navy but shortly after returning, his father was in and out of jail and was always on drugs. He wasn't a big kid growing up and was usually picked on. He also struggled with asthma.

His Greatest Achievements

Some of James Hardens greatest achievements are that he overcame his " Bad Name" of his dad. Even till this day James Harden will not wear Jr. on his jersey because of his dad. He proved all the kids who picked on him when he was kid wrong, showing them his true potential. He no longer has major asthma problems, and he helped pay for his mom a new home that is not located in Rancho Dominguez which has a bad problems with theft and robbery and other very serious crimes.

Skills James Harden Possesses

James Harden is currently a SG or Shooting Guard for the Houston Rockets. Before playing with the Houston Rockets, he played for the OKC or Oklahoma Thunder where he played with Russel Westbrook and Kevin Durant. His talents include shooting 3's, having a good attitude, playing fair, and doing commercials.
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The "Legacy" left behind by James Harden

James Harden is still alive to this day, and his legacy continues on. He is a inspiration to all and he never seems to let anything bring him down. James Harden is an inspiration to me because of all of the problems he overcame and his work ethic and diligence is phenomenal. Even though he may not be the best basketball player, he is still an amazing role model.
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