Salvador Dali

Spanish surrealist painter and surrealist film work

Major Accomplishments

Salvador created what is his known as his best work called The Persistence of Memory. He painted it based off of the movie he produced with Luis Buñuel, in Paris, called Un Chien Andalou. Another major accomplishment is in 1974 he created a museum in Figueres, Spain, called the Salvador Dali Mueseum, which included 96 oil paintings between 1917-1970.

Life in Paris

In 1926 Dali made his first visit to Paris, where he met Pablo Picasso. Picasso already had heard information about Dali from Joan Miró. Dali then got introduced to many Surrealists (which are people who release the creative potential of the unconscious mind) because of Miró and made a lot of artwork influenced by Picasso and Miró. He adapted both classical and modernist ways to create new artwork by the influence of Raphael, Bronzino, Francisco de Zurbaran, Vermeer, and Velazquez. Diego Velazquez is the master painter that influenced Dali so much that he adapted the bold mustache, which is an appearance he stuck with for the rest of his life. In 1934 Dali was kicked out of the Surrealist group in Paris because he showed an interest in the social-organization movement led by Hitler, but this didn't affect Dali because he was already known worldwide.