At-Home Learning Program Update

Resources To Support Our At-Home Learners

At-Home Learning Program Update

Supplemental Resources

Thank you for all of the feedback and patience you have provided as we have started this new adventure together. The At-Home Learning Program has dedicated teachers that meet on a weekly basis to discuss ways to assist our families and provide options for supplemental materials. We are excited to share Edmentum as a supplemental program that will allow students to practice and grow their skills in the areas of reading, Language arts and math. In addition, families will have access to Discovery Ed, which will provide the opportunity to explore topics, virtual field trips, and participate in stem activities. Acellus will remain as our primary platform but these are supplemental resources for families to access after completing work in Acellus.


The attendance of students is monitored on a daily basis. Teachers will be sharing a Google form which will allow families to report upcoming or daily absences.


The Acellus program is calculating grades based on lessons and unit exams. However, the complete grade for the class is based on daily lessons, unit exams, a mid-term and a final exam for each class. The mid-term and final exam will be a large part of the final grade. Please encourage students to be making notes to assist them when it is time for the mid-term and the final. A tutorial is provided to help students learn how to take notes.

Progress Bar/Daily Goals and Opening Tests

Our teachers have created pacing guides to align with mid-terms and finals based on if the class is a semester or a year-long class. Acellus does not match up with our BPS District schedule. Please remember we follow the BPS District calendar. Students should be logging in daily Monday-Friday, when school is in session. Teachers do not open tests nor respond to notifications after school hours or on weekends. If a teacher is not opening a test, please refer to the pacing guide for more information on a date when that test will be available.

At Home Learning App Brochures (Below) & "Appy Hour"

Once again, our very own, Kelly Benne, has assisted us with creating a brochure of some of the most useful apps in self-service for our students to access. Kelly has created a brochure for elementary and one for secondary students. Kelly will be hosting a Zoom "Appy Hour" every Friday from 2 to 3 p.m. for students, teachers, and parents to join and learn about the apps. We will post a calendar on this newsletter. Please check back for the calendar of upcoming topics and the Zoom link. The first session will be as follows:

Friday, September 18th 2:00-3:00 P.M. Topic: Using Edmentum and Discovery Ed

Appy Hour Zoom Meeting Info

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 929 2767 3944

Passcode: Appy Hour

Once again, thank you for your support.


Jenny Lynch

At-Home Learning Principal

More Resources

1. Note Taking Skills

2. edX:

This is a website with access to (what appears to be) hundreds of free online courses on a wide range and variety of topics. What a neat opportunity to explore a subject of interest just for fun! One thing to note here is that in order to access any of the content, you have to enroll in the course.

3. Khan Academy:

This is similar to EdX with a variety of online courses you can choose from. This might be great to use if you're struggling with a class (Geometry, Physics, etc.) and need a concept explained in a different way. What's nice about Khan Academy is you can access videos without enrolling in a course. For example, if I need help with vectors in Physics, I can type "vectors for Physics" in the Search box, and then I have a list of videos to choose from, as you can see here:

4. eBooks and Audiobooks

You can download an app called Sora on your iPad and then you'll have access to eBooks and Audiobooks. It's like having a library right in the palm of your hands! There is a video here that you can watch for instructions on how to use Sora this: