The Paw Print

February 13th - February 17th, 2023

The Paw Print Edition 4

Welcome to the Manning High School Student Newsletter! The purpose of this newsletter is to keep Clarendon County up-to-date with our events and to uplift our school. Thanks for reading!

Teacher of the Week

The title of "Teacher of the Week" is particularly special because this instructor will be selected by the student body of Manning High School each week. Congratulations!!

Dontavis Miller

"In Coach Miller's Class, he teaches us how to fill out a job information sheet about JAG. What I like about his class is that it's quiet and he helps you with information that you may not know about jobs in the future. Being in JAG isn't stressful, but you have to know certain information about the job you want." --- Brooklynn Wilder, 9th grade

"Coach Miller teaches students in his class how to prepare for their dream jobs. He assigns work for us to be prepared for financial literature, construct a resume, demonstrate appropriate appearance, and develop a letter of application." --- Sharlisa Witherspoon, 11th grade

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Students of the Week

Students of the Week are selected by teachers at Manning High School. Teachers are asked to nominate students who display a combination of exemplary behavior, academic participation, respect for peers and faculty/staff, good citizenship, and general improvement.

Black History Month Highlight - Sports!

On February 7th, Manning High School was treated to a second Black History Month Program, this time centering on sports. Ms. Tara Dozier introduced the subject with a brief overview of the history of black involvement in sports, namely football. Two special guests chose to speak to the student body: Mr. Terry Kinard, former New York Giants defensive back, and Mr. Pressley Harvin III, current punter for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mr. Kinard described his time in the NFL and made a point of telling us how different things are for minorities in the league today. Next, Mr. Harvin explained what it's like now for him in the NFL. Both speakers were quite inspirational and spoke to the point that it is very important that we keep pushing for equality in all parts of life. We are very appreciative to our guests for giving students motivation to never give up on their dreams and to keep pushing ahead, no matter what the future brings.

Lunch Menu for the Upcoming Week

Monday, February 13th -

Toasted Garlic and Ham Sandwich

Grab & Go Wow Butter or PB&J

Spinach Side Salad , Seasoned Corn

Fruit Juice, Fresh Fruit

1% White Milk or Fat Free Flavored Milk

Tuesday, February 14th -

South of the Border Nacho

Chicken Fajita Fiesta Salad

Grab and Go Wow Butter or PB&J

Nacho Topping, Pico de Gallo

Seasoned Black Beans

Fruit Juice, Fresh Fruit

1% White Milk or Fat Free Flavored Milk

Wednesday, February 15th -

Chicken Pot Pie

Creamy Chicken Salad Plate

Grab and Go Wow Butter or PB&J

Turnip Greens, Baby Carrots w/ Dip

Fruit Juice, Fresh Fruit

1% White Milk or Fat Free Flavored Milk

Thursday, February 16th -

Chili Cheese Dog

Chicken Tenders Salad PLate

Grab and Go Wow Butter or PB&J

Savory Baked Beans, Carolina Slaw

Fruit Juice, Fresh Fruit

1% White Milk or Fat Free Flavored Milk

Friday, February 17th -

Ranchero Style Pizza

Romaine Salad w/ Diced Chicken

Grab and Go Wow Butter or PB&J

Romaine Side Salad, Seasoned Corn Fruit

Fruit Juice, Fresh Fruit

1% White Milk or Fat Free Flavored Milk


The Journalism class is thrilled to be reviving The Paw Print, and we are open to any comments or suggestions! Please send any correspondence to Mrs. Amy Coleman, the Journalism advisor. Thank you!