Resources for Teachers

Awesome Tools to Use in the Classroom


Surfing the Net with Kids is a website that I stumbled upon a while ago. It offers a variety of topics for kids to explore, games and blogs. It's great for kids if they have free time to check out. It's easy to use, and teachers can rest easy knowing that their kids are surfing the web safely.


Edutopia is a cool website because it follows what's trending online and in the education world. I like it because all of the material is divided up based on grades, so information is easy to sort through. It's full of tons of information that will be useful in your classroom.


The Teaching Channel is a resource that is becoming more and more popular in education. This is because it's main purpose is to solely provide videos for it's subscribers. You can find a video on just about anything and use it in your classroom at any time.


I just recently discovered Scoop It. This is a website that is used as a curation tool. It has tons of really great graphic organizers that are very eye appealing. It's a great way to present information and to also search for it as well.

WEB 2.0

Web 2.0 has a ton of great tools to use for your blogs as well as your classroom websites. From word processing to file sharing, this website has just about everything you need to make a professional website that others will love to look at.


Where do I even begin with Pinterest? This is my go to website for just about anything under the sun. You can search lesson plans, classroom management ideas, organization tools, etc. You can "pin" the things that you like so you can always go back and find what you liked earlier. It's a great resources with tons creative ideas to try in your classroom!


Animoto is a great resource to use in your classroom. It creates awesome, professional looking videos using the pictures that you put into the library provided. You choose the theme of the video, make a couple of setting changes and then you're done! This is would be fun for students to make their own videos if they had to make a presentation on a certain topic.


Remind 101 is something that every teacher needs to check out. It's a free tool that allows teachers to text parents and students. The thing that I like about it is that is provides you a designated phone number, so teachers don't have to give out their real phone number. Another thing that's great is that parents and students cannot reply to the message, so it's a one way form of communication. It's a great way to keep parents involved in what's going on in your classroom.


Thing Link is a way to make your pictures interactive. You can do this by applying links to each picture that you create. When you click on the picture, links can pop up and take you to other pages that tie into the picture. Teachers can create lessons about a topic by providing different links to a picture. It's an interactive way to keep learners engaged.


Scratch was created at MIT. It is a website that gives kids a look into very basic computer programing. It involves a fun cat who you can control by putting in different commands on the computer. You can incorporate music, geometry, and even language arts! The possibilities are endless.