Taking Care of Business

Mrs. Sims' Business Class

Teaching Tomorrow's Business Leaders Today!

Ever dream about being the "boss?" What do successful business men and women need to know to get started and prosper?

What do we need to know about business in order to make better decisions as consumers? How do you get started managing your personal finances? Are you an effective leader? Do you know your leadership style?

Take Business classes to help you understand the answers to all of these questions and more. No matter what career field you choose, business skills are needed!

Business Skills Are Real World Skills

To be successful in business, it is sometimes important to "think outside of the box." One way to prosper in today's competitive marketplace is to think differently than your competitors and establish practices that give you an edge.

Perhaps the most valuable thing about business classes is the way we look at current, real world events and reinforce thinking and human relations skills.

The "What To Wear To Work" Question

Shop Smart!


  • Buy clothing that can be used in multiple settings
  • Choose neutral and classic items
  • Select clothing items that are made of quality and easy to maintain fabrics
  • Plan ahead