Moldova Daily News

by Lily Tolleson


Moldova's culture is very different than ours today. Their main meat courses are chicken soup, goulash, roast meat and grilled minced meat rolls. They never have any holiday without cabbage rolls, meat jelly, noodles and more. When they have meals their tables always have biscuits, pies, cake dipped in syrup and fruit on it. They have some celebrations like we do including Christmas, Easter, Labor Day, Independence Day and New Years. Some celebrations that they have that we don't are Victory Day, Night of Museums, National Day of Wine, Chisinau City Day, and Sweet Acacia Flower Music Contest. Most of the people in Moldova speak Russian or Moldovan. The most common religion is Orthodox.


Moldova is a republic. Moldova's president is Nicolae Timofti who is on the left in the picture. The Prime Minister of Moldova is Iurie Leonca and he is on the right. The president is elected by the Parliment and can serve a four term. The current president, Nicolae Timofti has served 3 years so far. The capital of Moldova is Chisinau.

Moldova Daily

Moldova is afraid that they will be taken over by Russia. Russia is working on taking over their government. Russia is a very big country and they want it to be even bigger. They think that since they are a bigger country that they will be able to take over easily but that is not certain. In Moldova's next election the guys that run Russia are going to try to take over because that is the time when it will be easiest.

Famous Landmarks

The Vasile pogor Memorial House was built from 1855-1858. It was among the first private homes with electric lighting. That is why people today call it "the house with lighted windows." The main entrance has 4 Tuscan columns which are below the second floor balcony. The house has 10 rooms and they have well-known personalities that belong to Basil Pogor and his wife Zoe.
The Iasi Botanic Gardens are among many species of wildlife. It has small artificial lakes, the wonderful Danube Delta, with white lilies, reeds and reed beds. In the spring snowdrops, viorelele, yellow crocuses,toporasii,peony and gladiolele bloom. Many people go there in the winter but very many people go there in the spring and summer.

Interesting Information about Moldova

The oldest tree in Moldova is 600 years old. Today it stands in The Padurea Domneasca Natural Reservation. The tree is an oak tree. The people that live around the land that it stands on call it the "land of the herons." There are small herds of bison in that Royal Forest.