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What's New?

From now on...

Tabling has been reduced to one day a week. We will be in the library breezeway every Tuesday from 11-2PM!

Our FTMs will be taking place Wednesdays at 5PM!

FTM Output


  • We need to restructure the way we do MKT for the LC.
  • We are going to focus more on class presentations/organization shouts.
  • We are going to do one tabling/week.
  • We will be more customer focused; the EPs we currently have need to be LEAD nurtured equally within MKT. This means every MKT member (and interested oGV member) is assigned their grouping of tabling sign-ups to manage. This is to ensure they stay engaged with AiM and that we are able to convert them to opens.
  • We are taking part in the AIESEC International CXP Challenge: We are in charge of branding and storytelling. This means we will be creating a national program for LCs to contribute their EPs media.


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The Buddy Program

This is designed to make MKT more customer centric. What this means is that every MKT member is responsible for a group of people who have signed up at tablings. It is your job to take these people under your wing and show them what AIESEC is about. Your buddies are assigned for viewing in the google docs attached.

Every week, you are to initiate conversation to make sure they're still interested and invite them to AIESEC events. The event for this coming week is the SDG event on Monday which you will read about below.

Globe Med Shout

Thursday, Nov. 17th, 3:30pm

GC 289

They would like us to present at their next general meeting! If you are available for this day, please let me know.

Global Learning/Peace Corps Prep Shout

Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 4pm

PC 447

We were invited by the office to present our organization. If you are available for this day, please let me know.


  • Facebook Group: Carlos (done)
  • Question Guidelines: Yunova (Nov 11)
  • Media Submissions Guideline: Danny boy (Nov 11)
  • Incentives Program: Kerian (Nov 11)
  • Magazine Layout: Johel (Nov 13)
  • Communications: Xavier (Nov 14) Contact Info Here

For now, to stay active with the challenge, we need to utilize the EPs we have now who have been on exchange from Miami. Carlos has added them to the Facebook group (please add the rest of Marketing if you have not), Xavi is in charge of reaching out and communicating with our EPs from the LC. We need the guidelines done by tonight in order for Xavi to show the EPs what we want from them. And we need a kickass incentive from Kerian to get this show on the road. Once we get all the media submissions in, we can move on to Johel and I designing and editing. If we are not active with this for one week, we will be dropped from the challenge.

Here is our new EB for 2017!

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AiM For The World

This is our biggest event of the year, even bigger than the seminar. Luisa is aiming to have about 200 attendees at this event, but she cannot achieve this number alone. There will be free food and amazing sessions going on. If you can support your OC for this event, they are looking for volunteers to help with set up and during the event for logistics. Please sign up here what times you're available.

If you have any donations for utensils, plates, cups, etc. please let Ashley Waite know ASAP.

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Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 11am-2pm

FIU Green Library Breezeway

TUESDAY: Carlos, Ashley, Emy, Alonso, Xavi, Norhan
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World Fair!

We will be participating in the World Fair again this semester. This time, we're going bigger. OGV has a table to represent Argentina, and OGT has a table to represent Colombia. If anyone can help with bringing food or decorations, please let us know. We will discuss this further at our touchpoint on Monday.
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Team Day!

Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, 6pm

7900 SW 40th St

Miami, FL

Our MKT team day for November will be on the 23rd at Santa's Enchanted Forest. We will meet at FIU to carpool together. Get excited!

Our Communication

I hope you guys never feel like you're missing out on anything, we're in this together. If you have any questions, comments, concerns please feel free to reach out to me. Also make sure you guys are active on the WhatsApp group - I hope we can all build a great bond as a team this semester, and I hope I can be a great VPMKT for you ;)