Bobcat News

2nd Edition September 8- September 11, 2020

A message from Mrs. Sideris

Hello BC Families,

Tomorrow is the official first day of school. Please be on the look out for lots of communication from your teachers. You should be expecting phone calls, virtual meetings, emails and REMIND messages over the next two weeks in order to get all students and families ready for academics to begin on Sept. 21st. We want to make sure that everyone is used to being online and knows how to access teachers, virtual classes and resources. Below is a repeat of the information that was sent out last week regarding this school year and the first few weeks. Also be sure to come pick up school supplies, learning materials and chromebooks this week. The schedule is below by grade level. You will also have a chance to say hello to your teacher and to receive a special treat from our PTA!

All the best,

Mrs. Sideris

Welcome New BC Staff

Rachel Kimbrow, Instructional Coach

Hello! I am happy to join the Butler Creek community as your instructional coach and am looking forward to bringing my experience and passion for elementary education to Centennial SD. Most recently, I have been teaching internationally at the American School of Asunción, in Paraguay (South America) Before that, I have served students and teachers in Portland area schools for over a decade. I look forward to meeting you all.

Si alguien habla español, ¡me gustaría practicar contigo! (If anyone speaks Spanish I’d love to practice with you!)

Chromebooks and Supplies/ Meet Your Teachers

Next week we are planning 3 days for distribution of student supplies, learning materials and chromebooks. This will also be a chance to see your teacher, while following Social Distancing Guidelines of course. The dates and times are listed below. There will be more information by the end of the week.

Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade

Wednesday, September 9th 9am-12pm

3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade and 6th Grade

Thursday, September 10th 12pm-3pm

Make-up Day

Friday, September 11 3pm-5pm

With the Centennial School District’s two options for school this fall – Comprehensive Distance Learning OR the Centennial Virtual Academy – your student will need access to the Internet with good connectivity. If this presents a problem for your household, please contact Mary Gilbert or Corinna Jobe at (503)762-6100 to see if you may be eligible for free Internet services for the school year. This service is provided by an outside vendor and will require that you fill out an application to see if you qualify.

What's Happening This Year

We are beginning the year in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). This means that students will begin the school year online. If and when Multnomah County enters into phase 2 we will reconsider returning to the building and transitioning into a Hybrid model with partial in-person learning. Review the image below for more information on what CDL entails.
Big picture

First 2 Weeks of School September 9-18

School begins on September 9th. However, the first 2 weeks is a soft start. You should expect to connect with your teachers through phone calls and video conferencing via Zoom. We will also distribute chrome books for those who need them, learning materials and basic supplies for all students. See the schedule below. We will also offer a Question and Answer Sessions for families and orientations on how to use the technology.

What does a school day look like for my student?

Comprehensive Distance Learning begins September 21st and the school day will fall between 9am-3pm. Student will attend virtual lessons with their teachers 4 days a week with Wednesdays being a day for independent work and office hour contacts with teachers and the counselor. Here are sample schedules for Kindergarten- 3rd Grades and 4th Grade - 6th grades. ***Specials are Music and PE*** Class meetings will happen using Zoom K-3 will be using a learning platform called Seesaw with 4th-6th grade using Google Classroom.

During the week:

Teachers will engage students and families in a variety of ways that may include

  • Smaller group meetings (synchronous/live)

  • Individual family support

  • Practice Breakout Sessions

  • Independent Applied Learning

Definitions of Learning Modes:

Synchronous Learning- Students meet in a class with a teacher live. This may include small group breakouts.

Asynchronous Learning/Applied Learning Teacher post learning opportunities including videos, reading ,practice and application connected to synchronous class sessions. The time is flexible for students and assigned reading or practice does not necessarily fill the entire period of time.

We will continue to update families as we learn more about how we will support your child during Comprehensive Distance Learning. Please refer to our district website for the most up to date information.

Big picture
Big picture

When Will We Find Out About Class Placement Information?

Teachers returned on Monday. They are reviewing and rebalancing classes based on our enrollment information. We will then load everything into the system. You will receive placement information before the end of the week.

** Please know there may need to be adjustments to class placements based on enrollment and/or cohorting requirements when we move into hybrid learning.

If you or someone you know is not planning on returning to BC please HELP US...

We are working hard to make staff grade level adjustments based on the students that will be participating in Comprehensive Distance Learning. If you have moved or are planning on homeschooling your child please make sure you notify the school immediately. This will help us make the best decisions possible for our students and the building.

What supplies would you recommend for our school work space?

Here is a list of supplies that might be helpful to have on hand when setting up your home work area. You will likely have a number of these at home already.



Paper (notebook or loose)

Pencil sharpener

glue sticks


Crayons (16 or 24 pack)

folder/tray/box to hold worksheets

1st Grade


Pencil Sharpener

1 black expo marker (dry erase)


Glue Stick


2nd Grade

Pencil sharpener

Crayons or colored pencils


Headphones (for use with Chromebook)


Small Whiteboard


3rd Grade

1 package of pencils

1 pencil sharpener

1 set of markers OR colored pencils

2 highlighters (1 pink & 1 yellow)

4 dry erase markers

1 Pink Pearl eraser

1 supply box

1 wide ruled composition notebook

optional: headphones with built in microphone

4th Grade

3 spiral notebooks


thin markers

dry erase board

dry erase markers

5th Grade

Whiteboard and marker

Paper and pencils

Colored pencils (for math lessons)

6th Grade


Paper - College Ruled

Pink eraser

Dry Erase marker

Small White Board (can get at Dollar Store)

Multiplication/Division flashcards (Dollar Store)