Mediterranean Climate Zone

Justice Simmons and Dillon Bacon

The Mediterranean biome is distributed into five biome sub-types, which include Mediterranean, Californian, Chilean, Caspensic, and Australian. The Mediterranean is the largest of these for several reasons. The vegetation in the Australian and South African sub-types is limited by the resources in the south, and the Chilean and Californian vegetation is also limited on the East due to the Andreas and Sierra Nevada inland penetration of the Mediterranean climate along margins of the Mediterranean Sea.

One can find the Mediterranean Climate Zone in the Temperate Zone because the temperature is suited for the biomes in that area.
The Mediterranean climate zone has tropic summers and non-tropic winters because of changing winds and ocean currents.
The Mediterranean biome is composed of shrubs, woodlands, coastal, mild weather and various plant and wildlife species.
The latitude range is twenty degrees to forty degrees North and South, and is mostly in the Temperate Zone, although partly in Tropical Zone.