Wellness Update

for IndyPL Employees. January 19, 2015

It's Time for an IndyPL Healthy Cookbook!

All IndyPL staff are invited to submit recipes for the inaugural wellness cookbook. Are you known for healthy lunches? Got a favorite recipe you've played with to make for healthier eating? Please share!

Recipes must be submitted electronically. Please use this form.

Photos are welcome.

Recipes may be “healthy hacks” of tried and true favorites

Recipes may be original healthy dishes

Cookbook categories will be

  • Cooking for One
  • Cooking for Two
  • Cooking for Kids
  • Cooking for a Crowd

The Cookbook will be produced as a pdf and made available for downloading

You can buy a print copy of the cookbook at the Wellness Fair on May 17th at LSC.

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IndyPL Indoor Winter Walking Challenge

You're not really stuck inside! This Indoor Winter Walking Challenge really challenges you to get some steps in indoors, where you work. What do you need? A Challenge Leader!

Someone in your group (branch, department, area - the definition is up to you) will designate a Challenge Leader. This person will take responsibility for creating one or more quarter mile indoor walking routes at their locations. You can use a pedometer, a measuring tape, whatever you choose.

Your Challenge Leader will create weekly tracking logs to be posted in a good spot for your group. Participants will write their name (or an alias) on the log and mark it for every quarter mile logged walking inside at their location. The mark could be a check, or a sticker –whatever your challenge leader decides.

Each Monday, your Challenge Leader for each group will submit a form (http://goo.gl/forms/6F88Eg4Vde) tallying the number of miles walked and letting us know the FTE (Full Time Equivalent) number in the group.

Winning winter walk group's mileage will be calculated based on the miles walked divided by the FTE of that particular group.

Gift certificates will be awarded to one lucky participant every other week. We hope that having a biweekly award will encourage people to start whenever – not feel as though they have already missed a chance by not signing up at the beginning.

Extra miles will be awarded if a member of the group participates in an organized walk (such as a marathon, 5K, etc.).

Extra miles will be awarded if a member of the group completes their walking at an IndyPL location other than their “home base.” That means you won't get bored walking around the circ desk at your branch!

Prize drawings will be held on Feb. 5th and 19th, and March 4th and 18th.

Warm Up and Walk Outside - We'll Help Pay the Registration Fee

Join with other walking minded IndyPL staff at the Marian Winter Run/Walk on January 23rd at 9 a.m. The entry fee is $25. Send your receipt to Andy Schemm in HR, after the Walk, and the Library will reimburse you $10 of your fee! Register here.

To find out who from IndyPL is walking (and to tell us you are!), contact Mary Luzader.

We're also planning more team walks:


Circle City Donut Dash $25 to $35 run is near Spades Park on Feb. 20th. The Circle City Donut Dash 5k is a run/walk event with 2 different types of races. The premier event is the Donut Challenge a 5k where participants must consume a dozen of Jack's delicious donuts at the halfway point! We also have a non-donut 5k for the less ambitious runners out there. The intrepid Kathy Helmond has already signed up and created an IndyPL team. If you register, be sure to add yourself to the team, and let Kathy know.


Shamrock 5K Beer Run $25 to 35; run is downtown and to the south on March 12th.