How to get sporty

What is Football?

Football is a sport that`s very popular aroud the world.There are American Football or normal football.Football is when you kick a ball by passing,shooting or crossing.You score goals in football.
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The goalkeeper saves goal,a penalty and sometimes corners.The goalkeeper always stays in the 18 yard box or 6 yard box.The goalkeeper is always at the far end of the pitch.When playing football there a 2 goalkeepers on the pitch.In a squad there a two or three goalkeepers.

Greatest footballers

Pele : Retired=Brazil

Messi : Barcelona=Argentina

Henry : Retired=France

Best : Retired=Northen Ireland

Giggs : Retired=Wales

Ronaldo : Retired=Brazil

Zidane : Retired=France

Fowler : Retired=England

Schmeichel : Retired=Denmark

Cristiano Ronaldo : Real Madrid=Portugal

Dream team of Premier Leauge players

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Dream Team

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Things you need for a club


History of football

The first game of football was in 1872.The game was England v Scotland in Hamilton Crescent,Partick.The score was 0-0.The referee was William Keay.Football started in 1863 in London.England was the first country to ever play football.
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Rules of football

The football rules you have to follow is never do a bad foul or you'll get sent of by the referee.You have to listen to the Manager,Refreree and your team mates.Youi have to help each other.You have to follow instructions by the Manager,Referee and the Assistant referee.
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You can see some of the Chelsea fc player.


The points of football is 3 and 1 points.When you win a match you get 3 points.When you draw with a another team you get 1 point.When you lose a match you get 0 points.
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Chelsea fc

The owner of the club is Roman Abramovich. The manager is Guss Hiddink because e Jose Morunio got fired.Frank Lampard is the Chelsea fc alltime topscorer.The 3 highest paid players from Chelsea is Fernando Torres, Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and Andriy Shevchenko.Diego Costa is the 2015-16 topscorer.He has scored 10 in all competitions.

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