Lineville Technology

by Grace

Typing web

Typing web really improved my typing skills i got a lot faster. I also now know the keyboard a lot better. I liked this website because as you learn it gets harder and then it challenges you so it does not stay easy.
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Career Locker

Career Locker was very helpful because it helped me get more knowledge about the colleges and the jobs that i was looking at. It also helped me learn a lot about possible job opportunities. I also know that their is a whole bunch of choices for colleges and jobs in the U.S.
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Haiku deck

Haiku deck was really cool and I really liked it because you could put a picture as you background and when you went to look for that picture you don't have to go to google to look up a picture there is a search bar right in the app. I also like it because you can choose from whole different styles.
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Explain everything

explain everything was also cool because you can write on the slides. I also like the app because you can also add pictures and then write on them. There was also a pointer so you when you air play you can point to whatever you want without walking up to the board
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I really liked itrailer because it is like a real movie trailer and you can do design everything by yourself. You can also choose the theme and font and even put in music if you want to. When you put all the pictures in and you are all done you can play the movie and it will look really cool.
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Go Animate

Go Animate was really coll because you can choose you characters, what they say and also the layout. It also made it look like a movie (kids) and the characters can move.
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