You're Invited to January

Targeting Tuesdays!!!

featuring... The Schools of Arts and Media & Health Science @ Waco High School!

Waco High School Counselors and Feeder-School Counselors, Administrators and Community Stakeholders will get a chance to visit and learn about Career and Technology Education Courses!

Targeting Tuesdays!

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd 2013 at 1pm

2020 North 42nd Street

Waco, TX

Tour begins in the front foyer of school. Tour Schedule include visits to: Schools of Arts and Media & Health Science.
1:20PM - Valli Balch, Health Science
1:40PM - Michael Jones, Forensic Science
1:55PM - Charles Petree, Commercial Design
2:10PM - Joe Rizo, Video Game Design
2:30PM - Bill Taverner, Audio/Video Production

College & Career Readiness

Please contact Marcus Walker @ 750-3516 with any questions.