October 16, 2016

In case you wondered if Rachel still exists... seems like if we blink, we miss her!

But not shocking to find her climbing the playground equipment!! In heels, nonetheless!!
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We would like to give back time for all your hard work with testing, grades, and data. We will not be meeting for GLIMs this week. :-) In lieu of meeting, we expect that you are up to date with all grades, report cards, and data analysis. Data analysis sheets need to be uploaded to the Data Analysis folder in Google Swap, and your Data Walls need to be updated with all current data, also in Google Swap. In addition, by next week, each teacher should have a goldenrod RTI tracking form for each student. Returning students should already have theirs so most only need to complete forms for students new to ACE. These forms are available on the shelves in the mail room.

Staff meeting this Wednesday will be committed to our Action Teams. Action Teams will begin meeting at 3:20 and Action Team chairs will need to email their team members to direct on where the team will be meeting. Some action teams who have been actively ongoing will simply need to touch base. Those teams who have not been active will have a chance to plan some action items and should schedule some follow up dates to ensure continuity. All Action Team chairs should have a sign in and should assign one team member to email Carlene with updates for the Stallion Star. Turn in sign ins to Carlene.


Picture day is Thursday, October 20th. There is a sign up sheet in Carlene's office (on the end of her desk) for you to pick a time for your class to have their pictures taken. The pictures will be taken in the Science Lab, B132, beginning at 8:15 a.m. and going until 2:00 p.m. There will be 3 cameras set up so it shouldn't take much of your class time. ALL FACULTY ARE EXPECTED TO GET THEIR PHOTO TAKEN AT THE SAME TIME AS THEIR CLASS, ALSO.


This past week we had one of our staff's vehicle broken into and some personal items were stolen. This happened in the parking lot in the back of the building. If you park out back, make sure you are locking your doors and hiding anything of value from plain view. Thieves want to get in and out, so protect your property by locking your doors!!!


When we have inside lunch recess due to rain, please make sure you send students down to lunch with a book. It is too much time for students to sit idle -- and trouble arises. Students are not allowed to leave the cafeteria to get a book once they are there, so ensure they have what the need prior to arriving for lunch. If your class has the majority of students without books, the entire class will be escorted back to your room to be placed under your supervision.

Also, if you have lunch duty either inside or on the playground, you are still responsible to be in the cafeteria to help with monitoring.


It's that time of year when students will be going off campus for various field trips (Environmental Center, Symphony, BHS Play, etc.). Each teacher must let Janet in the cafeteria know when you will not have your class present for lunch and need sack lunches for your students. We ask that you let Janet know AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance because she needs to order the items for the sack lunch at least 10 days ahead to have them here on time. If you do not let Janet know ahead of time, she will not have the food items needed for sack lunches!!!


Teachers who attend ARD meetings... please make sure you are following the expectations laid out at the beginning of the year regarding ARD etiquette. Remember you are to arrive on time and to come prepared to share some insights of the student's present levels of performance. If another teacher is representing, the child's teacher is responsible for equipping the representing teacher with some info about progress. The input should be informative but refrain from sharing information that should be addressed outside the ARD. Lastly, there should be NO surprises regarding your thoughts about services, accommodations, etc. You should have been in communication with the student's case manager prior to the ARD.


We have had visitors from central administration to our campus, observing the effectiveness of our iTime. It is CRITICALl that you are implementing iTime with fidelity!! For lower grades, you must be also implementing your LLI lessons during this time as well!

By this time, ITime should be implemented in full force. We have had several check-ins from the district regarding the various ways our campuses are implementing. Ideas are flowing and it's looking like the district is being flexible with HOW we utilize the time to best meet our kids' needs. It's amazing to hear how different campuses are structuring not only the time, but also the resources and the staff. We will continue to visit options to best utilize our resources at ACE, and we urge you to do so as well.

Although overall Itime is flexible, we are consistently and carefully reminded as to what ITime is and is not:

It is PLANNED (plans should be in your lesson plans); It is individual; It is intervention.

It is not time to catch up what you didn't complete in your core instruction time; It is not unintentional computer time or reading time; It is not clerical or catch up on email time.

Remember: The district carved out time from curricular time to provide this intervention time -- so they have been auditing whether or not this time is being used effectively!! District/central specialists have been visiting campuses (INCLUDING OURS!!) to observe the fidelity of implementation! So please practice intentions with your

implementation -- district specialists have already been scheduled for our campus on a regular basis so we ARE being monitored!


It's time for a self-check to think about teaching and learning efficacy. How are your students doing? How is your classroom community? Is your class community conducive to or impeding teaching and learning? If things are going okay, still think about when the last time you facilitated a Tribes activity or energizer. You don't want things to start unwinding. If you feel your community has broken windows, think about fixing those windows before prodding on -- teaching efforts will be futile if you've lost touch with your classroom community.


The district survey is currently available for each teacher to complete. It is currently NOT available to specialists, instructional coaches, librarians, and paraprofessionals. For the rest, please make sure you complete the survey before October 21st. While the district is unable to record your physical answers, they are able to monitor which teachers have completed the expectation.

When finished, print off or take a snap shot of the last page of the survey (the "thank you" page), and submit to Carlene for jeans passes. Teachers who complete the survey and turn in their confirmation by 4:00 October 13th will receive 3 jeans passes. Those who submit their confirmation between October 14th and the 21st will receive 1 jeans pass. Directions are below:

Accessing the BrightBytes Teachers & Administrators Survey in LIGHT

1. Open LIGHT by using the link in ClassLinks or by going directly to the LIGHT (

2. Click on the Surveys button.

Click on the BrightBytes Technology Survey 2016-17 link.


All students are also expected to take the district survey. Huge thanks to Taressa Anderson who will be assisting in conquering this charge during library time. Please expect that the iPad cart will be utilized in order to take care of this task.


We are asking your assistance in motivating our kids to get their parents to take the Brightbytes PARENT survey. Please communicate to students and parents that the survey is available on our website -- on our home page, along the left hand side under "LINKS" is the survey for parents. A flyer will go home this Tuesday, and it will also be marketed on our Facebook and Twitter pages. It would be helpful if you include the information on your home newsletters and/or REMIND messages.

Ask students to bring in confirmation that their parent took the survey to you -- you can accept a print off page, a screenshot emailed to you, or even a parent note stating they took the survey. The homeroom at each grade level with the most percentage of parent participation will receive a special prize for each student. The GRADE LEVEL with the most percentage of parent participation will also receive a POPCORN party

Accessing the BrightBytes Parents Survey on the Campus Website Parents will access their survey links through the ACE campus website. The link will be supported by a new slide in the “News Info from RISD” slideshow located in the lower left corner of the campus homepage.


The grade posting window opened Thursday October 14th…no classroom/schedule changes can be made after October 13th. Grades must be posted in order for Admin to view by October 19th.


Parent-Teacher conferences are expected to be held for each student by the end of the first grading period - the end of the first grading period is October 21st. Please work with your team to plan points of discussion and give hints for scheduling. Special Ed and ESL/BiLingual teachers are expected to make concerted efforts to meet with as many parents as possible, either in coordination with the gen ed teacher(s) or on your own, especially for those students (or parents) of high need. Special Areas teachers should also consider meeting with parents of particular students, either of specific skills and/or who have individual needs. After all conferences have been held, a parent sign-in log of your conferences should be turned into Carlene for your TTESS folder.

Don't forget to consider parents who may need an interpreter present. While we have several Spanish-speaking staff members at ACE, interpreters should be scheduled well in advance. Impromptu requests for interpreters is not respectful of others' time and plans. If you have a conflict or different language needing support, the district has Eva Wallace (x 30236) and Jennifer Mitten (x30343) to coordinates these services.


Please remember that if you requested any assistance from the office (administrator OR community liaison), you MUST complete an office referral form -- hard copy AND in FOCUS! This includes requests to have an administrator and/or liaison support students IN THE CLASS (extra pair of eyes). You have 48 hours from the time of your referral to submit the completed referral form and enter it into FOCUS.

Please be mindful that MULTIPLE referrals to the counselor for the same student or by the same teacher may be redirected to the office.


When it is your turn for breakfast duty, please remember:

At 7:30, close the exit doors and have students line up to wait for 7:40 dismissal.

Monitor students who may stuff their cheeks full of food and try to dismiss. Students should remain seated when they have food in their mouths (for safety reasons!).

Breakfast snatching/stealing food from another tray is bullying that will often go unreported – keep close watch and let Joy know of these issues.

If you have a morning duty station (7:15), please take a moment and verify that you are at the right place. Many stations have changed since last year. Several new locations have been added as well.

PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT ALL STAFF has duty at 7:40!! -- if you do not have a weekly designated duty, your duty is outside your doorway, greeting students AND monitoring the hallway. Teachers who are on their computers checking email and/or at their desks doing clerical work are considered NOT doing their 7:40 duty.

For all duties, it is imperative that you arrive on time and should not leave early. DOING SO LEAVES STUDENTS UNDER-SUPERVISED OR UNSUPERVISED. If you are going to be out, it is your responsibility to get coverage for duties.


We will continue to utilize The Stallion Star to disseminate important news, updates, information, celebrations, kudos, announcements, and events. This venue will assist in reducing emails and time spent in staff meetings. Everyone should submit entries (news, events, information, photos, etc.) to our weekly staff newsletter. Please email any submission requests to Carlene by the Thursday before publishing. If photos are submitted, please provide a short 2-4 sentence summary letting us know what the photo captured.

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· For October which is breast cancer awareness month, we have permission to wear pink on Thursday’s and jeans with that pink. Also, there will be pink paper spread out by the coffee maker for you to bring “Pink” treats to share each Thursday if you choose to.



Did you hear ACE is near the top of the list????!!!!

Congratulations to the 2016 Energy Winners!

Thank you for your continuing efforts in reducing energy consumption within the Richardson School District.

Most Energy Efficient Buildings

1. Yale Elementary

2. Big Springs Elementary

3. Moss Haven Elementary

4. Spring Creek Elementary

5. Lake Highlands Junior High

6. Richland Elementary

7. Jess Harben Elementary

8. Forestridge Elementary

9. Dobie Elementary

10. Audelia Creek Elementary

Most Energy Consumption Reduced

1. RISD Academy

2. Canyon Creek Elementary

3. Forest Meadow Junior High

4. Wallace Elementary

5. Dover Elementary

6. Mohawk Elementary

7. MST Magnet School

8. Apollo Junior High

9. Brentfield Elementary

10. Audelia Creek Elementary


Awarded to AUDELIA CREEK ELEMENTARY!! -- Way to go JOY TRIBBLE in your efforts!


Awarded to AUDELIA CREEK ELEMENTARY!! -- Way to go JESSICA LUCAS and our staff PTA board members: Jameson Caten, Lily Castillo, and Taressa Andereson!!! Huge thanks to our staff for supporting the charge! Your membership goes back to our school and our kids!

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IF WE HAVEN'T HEARD FROM YOUR ACTION TEAM in a few weeks, please submit updates!!


Awards Awards!!! Spreadsheet is posted on Swap in our shared Google drive. Please have names of recipients posted by the end of the day Wed. 10/19. Type in all the names of the students who earned A and AB honor roll into the same cell. Separate names with commas. Thanks.







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*Big thanks to our ESL and SpEd teams who have been carrying a heavy load lately.

*Thank you to our 5th grade team for pitching in when we truly needed you!

* Have you seen our safety patrol out in action taking care of their peers? Big big thanks to Coach Rowe and Reiter for getting the ball rolling! It's working on great! We hope to spread it to some safety patrol int he morning as well! Stay tuned!

* More greatness going on... did you hear about our ACE Boys Basketball team?? We honestly cannot thank Coach Rowe and Mr. Westbrook for dedicating their time and energy to provide this motivating option for our boys! They are psyched!!

* Thank you to Sheridan Hanson for being our Apple Genius! We haven't even gotten our Macs yet, and she's is already being sought out for constant advice with Google! You are appreciated and noticed!!

* Thanks to our Sixth Grade team who are handling the typical challenges of pre-teen behaviors! You are persevering with integrity and we know it's not easy!

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He tried to hide it but we know better! His birthday was Thursday... but he says he likes to celebrate for about a week long.

When you don't do the Stallion Star,,, you have NO control!! Ha ha!!

IT'S YOUR DUTY! (If you are out, please swap days/get coverage!)

WEEK OF October 17

Morning (7:15) -

Entrance - Steinberger

Gym - Hutchison (5th, 3rd, and 1st) and Ward (2nd, 4th, 6th)

Cafeteria- Borrego - food line

Cafeteria - Rivera - monitor

Cafeteria - Tribble - monitor

Science Lab - Reynolds

Hallway Duty (7:40) - All classroom teachers be in their doorway @ 7:40

C.Smith - Main staircase downstairs

Holt - Main staircase upstairs

Albers - Outside library

S. Smith - Staircase by Art Room (B Hall)

D. Williams - Staircase by music room (A Hall)

Hames - Upstairs by ESL (D Hall)

Harris - Upstairs by SPED (C Hall)

Tribble - Outside teacher's lounge

Baxter - D Hall by 5th grade

Afternoon -

Cones -- Anderson

Daycare -- Holt and D.Williams

Week of October 24th

Morning (7:15) -

Entrance - Wimberly

Gym - Hsu (5th, 3rd, and 1st) and Gowdy (2nd, 4th, 6th)

Cafeteria - D. Williams and Huey (Cafe) and Tippitt (Food Line)

Science Lab- Stolp

Hallway (7:40) - All classroom teachers need to be outside their rooms @ 7:40

Schwartz - Main staircase downstairs

Evangelista - Main staircase upstairs

McLaurin - Outside library

E. Williams - Staircase by Art Room (B Hall)

Lucas - Staircase by music room (A Hall)

Herbert - Upstairs by ESL (D Hall)

J. Gonzalez - Upstairs by SPED (C Hall)

Hill - Outside teacher's lounge

Reed - D Hall by 5th grade

Afternoon -

Cones -- Sebastian

Daycare -- Hutchison and Harris

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10/17 -- PLCs

10/17 & 10/18 -- TUTORING

10/18 -- Report Cards DUE

10/19 -- GLIMs on your own -- STAFF MEETING -- Action Teams

10/19 -- 3rd Grade field trip -- ESC

10/20 -- School Pictures - Student and Faculty individual photos in B132

10/20 -- 4th Grade field trip -- ESC

10/21 -- Last day of First 9-week Grading Period

10/24-10/28 -- RED RIBBON WEEK

10/24 -- PLCs

10/24 & 10/25 -- TUTORING

10/24 -- ACE Fundraiser Assemblies (AM and PM)


10/26 -- TECH DAY - Janeye Pritchard meets with staff during planning

10/28 -- FLU SHOT CLINIC in Teachers' Lounge

10/31 -- PLCs


11/1 -- Third Grade field trip to RSO


11/7 -- PLCs

11/7 & 11/8 -- TUTORING


11/9 -- GLIMs

11/10 -- Veterans Day Concert

11/14 -- PLCs

11/14 & 11/15 -- TUTORING

11/14 -- Sixth Grade to Opera

11/15 -- Kindness is Powerful Program

11/16 -- GLIMs and STAFF MEETING

11/17 -- K-2 field trip -- Children's Play @ BHS