Paracord survival Bracelet

Paracord accessories

Paracord survival Bracelet

Paracord survival Bracelet

MILSPEC550 is a small independent home based business, located or placed in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.MILSPEC550 established in march 2015,Australian and New Zealand marketplace created for quality survival bracelets, utility key rings, and other useful and custom made products using paracord.

Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality handmade products that too in a timely cost effective way. We pride ourselves on providing excellent Customer Service, which is one of the appreciation things here.

Paracord accessories

MILSPEC550 only supplies high quality handmade products using genuine USA manufactured military specified 550 paracord that we source via an Australian supplier.We have a large range of 550 colours of paracord and 425 tactical cords available in our workshop and we have access mechanism to an additional 120 colours.

Making Sure You Order the Correct Size

To get the perfect fit, measure your wrist at the wrist bone with soft measuring tape. If you do not having a soft measuring tape, then wrap a ribbon around the wrist at the wrist bone, and mark the spot where the ends meets. Then lay the ribbon against ruler to find out the approximate wrist size.

Please keep in mind that the average wrist size for a male is 17-20cm,and average Female wrist size is 15-18cm.If you are having above or below these sizes, please double check your wrist measurement to confirm the size.

Genuine USA manufactured paracord is a high quality product that is having amazing strength and durability and is having many uses. WE can custom create items such as dog leads, dog and cat collars, accessorised bracelets, keychains, security lanyards,fashionable bracelets and belts etc.

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