Harley Davinsons

By Billy Harris

William A. Davidson, Harley-Davidson’s vice President and one of the four founders, passed away at the age of 66. He will be fondly remembered for his kind nature and the positive presence he brought with each day wherever he went. A skilled mechanic from a young age, he was interested in the challenge of creating a gasoline-propelled form of transportation. The creation of motorcycles and the unending improvement of their design became his life’s work. Beyond the bikes, he was someone who cared deeply about people.
Harley Davidson 2012 Advert

Tuesday, Apr 30th, 9pm

Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Cheltenham, England

There will be a Competition to win a Pristine

Harley Davinson army mail bike from 1939 but there is a price to pay to win a bike of this standered and it is £5,00 each and we all of us that have sponsered this to make money for cancer so please come and give money to people with cancer even if you dont want to join in with all the fun and please for every entery you will be save somebodys life.