The Boston Tea Party

A. Jimenez

What Happened Before

According to the Boston Tea Party. “In 1773 a dispute over tea set of a chain that led to American Revolution.” British passed the Tea Act which meant instead of buying untaxed tea the Colonist could only buy tea from Britain.

What caused it

The author stated that colonist answered to the Tea Act “Of the night on December 16,1773.” A small group of patriots dressed up as Native Americans road on 3 British ships and dumped 342 chests of tea into Harbor in Boston Massucutes.

What Led Up To

The author also stated that “British responded with Laws and Acts” to punish Massachusetts and to warn the other Colonies that they were dumping tea. "These acts closed the Port of Boston until the tea was paid for. This took away much of the Colony’s self-government.”

What happened during

The article Boston Tea Party noted that “in September 1774, official delegates from 12 Colonies met in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, for the First Continental Congress. They called for a boycott of all British goods and for the Militia of every Colony to prepare for war.”

What Finally Ended it

The Boston Tea Party also stated that the American Colonies won their freedom and the Boston Tea Party ended. “It ended in 1783.” after their freedom.