Beer + Wine


We have hand-selected our offerings to present you with a carefully crafted collection of beer and wine, but we welcome your recommendations, as our menu is always evolving.


Budweiser $4
Bud Light $4
Bud Light Lime $4
Coors Light $4
Icehouse $4
Michelob Ultra $4
Michelob AmberBock $4
Miller Lite $4
Rolling Rock $4
Sam Adams Boston Lager $4.5
Sam Adams Seasonal $4.5
Yuengling Lager $4


Amstel Light $4.5
Corona $4.5
Foster's $4.5
Heineken $4.5
Newcastle $4.5
Stella Artois $5
Warka $5.5
Zywiec $4.5


Blue Moon $5
Founders Centennial IPA $6.5
Magic Hat #9 $5
Magic Hat Seasonal $5
Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat Ale $5.5
"A man will always be judged on the amount of alcohol he can consume.

And a woman will be impressed, whether she likes it or not." doug coughlin, cocktail