Raymond's Run

Toni Cade Bambara


There is this girl that has a brother and his name is Raymond and he is disabled I think. This girl kind of thinks she is better than others, has a lot of confidence, and uses poor grammar. She apparently is really good at running track. She gets in a race that she wins every year, came in first, and noticed that Raymond is really good at it too!

The main conflict

"Mercury" knows she is really good at running track but gets a little nervous about a new girl who's name is Gretchen.

My Inference

Raymond, (Mercury's brother) is disabled because it says "but a lot of people call him my little brother cause he needs a looking after cause he's not quite right." So he is her older brother but doesnt have the same IQ as a thirty-thirty-five year old


"Mercury" is a girl who is really good at track and so is her brother.

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