Fly Across the World, Save the Day

by Michelle L.

What is it like to travel across the world in search of a better life?

It sounds like an adventure -- a scary one, but it is exactly what Jin-Ghee Lu (Gene) and his wife, Seut-Ping (Angel), did 20 years ago. Learn about the experience of growing up a boy in the tropical Malaysia and hear some interesting stories during Gene's time as a boy scout. Get a small glimpse of what it is like to immigrate to America.
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Hear a bit about boy scouts and some interesting boy scout stories

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To my parents...

To my parents...

Map of Malaysia

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What is a hero?

Heroes don’t exist in real life. They are a just a matter of fiction; spandex-wearing crime-fighters found in comic books, or they’re those courageous firefighters you see in movies that jump into flaming buildings to save lives. In reality, that is not true at all. Heroes aren’t just the ones you read about in comic books or those risking their lives to save others. Heroes can be found anywhere and everywhere: a teenager helping an old lady crossing the street; a parent working daily to support their family; even a classmate that volunteers to go first on a presentation so that you don’t have to. Heroes are often inspiring and go out of their way to help others, regardless of whether there is a benefit for themselves...

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My Heroes

I have been a Harry Potter fan as long as I remember. While other kids were being read Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar, my bedtime stories were the Harry Potter books. When I was young I would run down the hall in my Gryffindor robes, sporting round glasses and casting imaginary spells. I sought refuge in the brilliant stories that spoke of a magical world...
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Solutions to Improve the Malaysian School System

A Malaysian student works vigorously to complete his homework, which drags on well into the night. Between the many classes in school and extracurriculars, this is the only time he can work on it. As he puts the final touches to his essay, he mentally prepares himself for bed. He then recalls, with a jolt, that he something of great importance slipped his mind: he forgot to study for the standardized tests he would have the next day. Eyes clouded by fatigue, he glances at his textbook, which is so battered and covered in the scribbles and notes of previous students that the words are hard to make out. The student sighs and tries his best to complete his work, then hurries to bed to rest. He will need it, because tomorrow he has to do this all over again. This daily struggle could be avoided, though, if a few changes to the school system are made. The schools in Malaysia can be improved if they spend efficiently on education and shorten school days...
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