George Washington Carver

The Miracle Worker

How it came to be

George Washington Carver was born around January 1864. George never knew his parents his father died 2 weeks after his birth and his mom was kidnapped with his mom and he was brought back by John Bently. George was not strong enough to work in the fields with his dad Moses Carver so he stayed inside with his mom Susan Carver. George was always sick and had trouble talking. George had a secret garden he would take care of plants in. One time his neighbor's apple was dying and she asked George if he could fix it. Within a week the plant was healthy again that was George's first job.

School House

At the age of 13 George decide he wanted to go to school. His mother Susan Carver had trouble finding a school. But finally found one in Neosho 8 miles away. George spent 4 years in Neosho until he decided to move to Fort Scott. George went to Fort Scott for 2 years but left after he witnessed a lynching. George soon graduated from high school and wanted to go to college. He was accepted at highland college in Kansas but could not enroll there because he was black. A couple years later George enrolled a Simpson college. Soon he transported to Iowa St. college. Once he graduated he took a job as a teacher there. Later Booker T. Washington offered George a job at Tuskegee Institute. George eventually took the job and packed his bags again for Tuskegee.

What is this, Sweet potatoes

When George got to Tuskegee the soil was bad and almost all the farmers were poor because they have ben planting cotton for years and the soil was as dry as sand. George told the farmers to plant sweet potatoes people thought that sweet potatoes were useless because no one knew how to us them. George spent a lot of time thinking of new ways to use sweet potatoes he developed over 100 uses for them. George wanted to show the world his ideas in an exciting way so he invited a group of people to a dinner with dessert also after everyone was done eating he announced that everything they just ate was made of sweet potatoes. The poor farmers had many things to do with the sweet potatoes, thanks to George.

Once, uh, maybe Twice

Since the cotton crop was good everyone had good clothing until some boll weevils came to town and ruined the whole cotton crop George found the answer to pant peanuts Just like he sweet potatoes people thought that peanuts were useless but for the farmers who listened to George he had to find a way to use peanuts and fast. George spent 2 days in his laboratory and finally came out with over 300 ways to use peanuts. Just like sweet potatoes George has found lots of ways to use peanuts.

George Washington Carver- the Miracle Worker

Born salve, to one of the most helpful scientists who ever lived. George was a miracle worker because he showed people that know matter if you're poor, wealthy, black or white everyone can achieve success.
George Washington Carver - Mini Bio