The diary of Anne Frank

By: Mariah Miller

The diary of Anne Frank

The theme,We must have courage when faced with obstacles, is shown throughout the Diary of Anne Frank. They showed courage by hiding from the Nazis. Miep and Mr. Kraler were also doing a courageous thing by hiding them. When they took in Mr. Dussel, It was a courageous thing to do because they were really cramped in the annex and they were low on food. Mr. Frank said “Forgive me. I spoke without consulting you. But I knew you’d feel as I do.” Mr. VanDaan said “There’s no reason for you to consult anyone. This is your place. You have a right to do exactly as you please. The only thing I feel...there’s so little food as it is...and to take in another person…”(390). After they lived in the annex for a while, Mr. Kraler came to ask of them if they would take in a new person. Mr. Kraler said, “I know it’s a terrible thing to ask of you,living as you are, but would you take him in with you? Mr. Frank said “Of course we will” (390). In the diary of Anne Frank, they showed a lot of courage by taking in another person when having food supplies so low and Miep and Mr. Kraler getting everyone a hiding place to keep them away from going to a concentration/ death camp for a few years.

The theme, having hope will get you through time of despair is shown throughout the Diary of Anne Frank. The people in the annex know there chances of surviving were not good, yet they still hoped they would make it back to their normal lives. Anne showed hope when she gave everyone presents. “We’re all in much better spirits these days” (429). They all forgot about what was going on and enjoyed their presents that Anne got them for Hanukkah. in the every end of the play, we hear Anne’s voice say, “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart” (434). With everything that is going on outside, Anne still believes that everyone is still good at heart.

A symbol of Anne is her diary, she felt like she was talking to a friend when she wrote in her diary because she felt like she was writing a friend and telling them what was going on. It represents her as a person because she wrote in it as if she was writing to a friend.”I’ve never had a diary. And I’ve longed for one.” The reason I picked this quote is because it symbols when she got her diary and the whole book about Anne is meanly Anne's diary.