"Hello and How are You?

Skyhawk's Guide to Proper Etiquette

Learn Proper Etiquette

Four Sessions

  • Friday, February 28 " Everyday Etiquette"
  • Friday, March 14, "Proper Etiquette at Home, School, and Everywhere"
  • Friday, April 11, "Special Occasions"
  • Saturday May 3, "Techno-Manners"

Parent and Student Social

Parents are invited to a social form 11:30 - 12:00 on Saturday, May 3. Children will showcase the etiquette lessons they have discovered. This will be a special time to share with your child!

Skyhawk Handbook

During each of the four sessions, students will create pages in Book Creator, an app on their iPads. The book will be a compilation of the etiquette practices for each day and will contain student created videos, drawings and illustrations of students activities.