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16th March 2015

#AskMe - be heard, be counted

Your questions about the general elections have been coming in and we would like to hear from you more. To get involved in the discussion, check out Student Services on the VLE or use Twitter @studentsrc. Some good questions have been asked about why you should vote to which political party is looking at student loans. These issues affect you and it is important you understand and use your vote to have your say. If you don’t want to ask a question but want to know more keep an eye on the discussion.

We are excited and want you to get involved.


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World Oral Health Day is on Friday 20th March so let’s talk about your smile and how to keep it bright. Brighter and whiter seems to be something which most people want and paying is becoming more common, but how do you know if what you are using to make those teeth whiter is safe? Teeth whitening involve bleaching your teeth to lighten the tooth colour. This should be done by a dentist only and not at a beautician’s without a dental practitioner, as this is illegal. You can buy kits but it comes with risks including sensitivity, reactions, blistering and damage to tooth enamel. It is important to understand that looking after your teeth in your daily routine is the best way to maintain good healthy teeth. Whitening is not permanent, so don not waste your money and take more time to care for yourself. A good routine includes brushing your teeth twice a day with a good fluoride toothpaste, flossing is great too. Be aware of what you eat; tea, coffee and sugary foods can cause damage to your tooth enamel, the white part of your tooth). Visit your dentist every six months for a check-up; this is a great chance to check you are looking after your teeth properly. Now smile!


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On Wednesday 28th March it is Awkward Moments Day and we have all experienced an awkward moment or two in our lives. This is an opportunity to reminisce and laugh about those times and accept that these things happen. There is some awkward moments which could be less embarrassing with preparation, I am thinking about interviews. Interviews can be challenging and quite awkward but by getting yourself organised and doing a bit of research before the day you can show the interviewer how great you really are.

Some tips to help you:

Practice your answers

It is almost guaranteed that you will be asked questions about your skills, strengths and areas of development. Be able to explain these and have confidence in your answers.

Do your research

You will be asked questions about the organisation, so make sure you have done your homework. Understand the company’s business and product; look up their latest developments and their future plans.

Stay calm

Prevent awkward moments by staying calm and in control. Have all your things ready the night before and plan your journey so you arrive early. When in the interview, take your time to think before you answer the interview questions. Silences are not awkward but waffling can be!

Do your best and prevent those AWKWARD moments, if they happen learn from them.

Because I'm Happy

Day of Happiness is on Friday 20th March, but why just have one day of happiness in the year? Well actually this day is time to reflect on what makes you happy and one of those things is about connecting with other people. So take time on this day to put down your phones and make some plans with friends, family or those people that are important to you. Don’t hide behind your phone, taking photos or checking in on Facebook, make your own memories. Spring is just around the corner and the nights will be getting lighter and the weather warmer meaning you have plenty of time to enjoy. Social isolation is becoming more common and people interact through social media more but this isolation can leave you feeling lonely. There is a time and place for social media but do not let it take over your life. Limit the time you spend checking Facebook statuses, how much can happen in that few hours you are away? Add photos and update your status after the event, this is a great way to share your memories but enjoy the time out. Update your notification settings this will stop you from being enticed into discussion while out with others.

Enjoy social media but live the real life. Go out, meet new people, share memories, join a new group (not on Facebook), laugh more, BE HAPPY.

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Despicable Me 2 - Lyric Video)

Art and Design Look at Stockton's Heritage

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Art and Design Level 3 students have been working with Stockton Borough Council on a ottery funded project. They have been looking at the heritage of Stockton, exploring the historical building and investigating the new “Rediscover” work which is happening in Stockton today. The students have produced some amazing work using a variety of techniques to showcase their skills and talents. Their art work illustrates some of the town’s landmarks, buildings and “town life”. This art work will be in the Rediscover shop on Stockton High Street until Monday 23rd March, it is really worth a visit.

What a great these students have and working with the local community to show off the town is something special.

Competition Time

The English and Maths Spring Quiz is here!

There are prizes to be won so get your answers in for the chance to be entered into the prize draw to win these fantastic prizes!

Click the link below, enter your answers and press submit but remember to type your name and contact number too!

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