Ms. Anderson's Class Spotlight

By Ms. Anderson's 5th Grade Class

Ms. Anderson

By Raylon

Ms. Anderson is the 5th grade teacher, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her daughter Penelope. She has a dog named Eva, that sometimes interrupts. Ms. Anderson likes it when a student has a Ah-ha moment and really starts to understand something. She likes the color blue, she doesn't like it when a student coughs. Ms.Anderson's favorite animals are dogs. She doesn't like it when her dog gets sick and she that her dog is getting older. Her favorite food is ribeye steak, her favorite movies are: Top Gun, How TO Lose A Guy In Ten Days and 101 Dalmations.

Anderson’s 5th grade class of 2020

by Varsha

Ms. Anderson’s Class of 2020-2021 consists of 25 students, our class is kind, nice and hardworking. In our class there are 14 girls & 11 boys all ages through 10-11. We are very good at reading, writing, math, and science!

Book Worms

by Nandhini

In reading, we are focusing on non-fiction books. We are working on reading intensely (taking in the information & writing it down), choosing non-fiction that is just right, making predictions in non-fiction books, & rereading text to clear confusion. In this unit, we are learning important reading skills, & getting interesting knowledge from the books at the same time!

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What’s happening in Writing?

by Virika

In this unit of writing, Ms. Anderson’s class is writing nonfiction books. We have worked on editing our writing, using specific facts, revising with details, writing a strong beginning, and more! We will be able to publish our books on Book Creator, or Google Slides. Sometimes in writing, when we are done, we can look at each other's work and give them compliments. In this unit we have learned some skills that can not only be used in nonfiction, but other types of writing too! Do you like nonfiction?

Science Fun

By Kumud

Hello Viewers! We have been helping the Matter Mystery Hotline! It is on Twig Science, and it is an online learning website, where we solve “cases”, like finding Pepe the missing dog, helping chef Kurt, and many more, using what we know. We also get to have fun at the same time! We have been learning about things, while we are solving, “cases”. Every case has a question and they are called “Driving Questions,” like, “How can we identify properties of different materials,” and, “How can we identify different substances”.

See you later scientists!

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Zoom Expectation

By Akhil

Hello, everyone. We in Mrs. Anderson’s class follow the below zoom expectations.

1. We find a quiet place free of distractions and login to zoom a few minutes before the class starts to be on-time and not late.

2. We always mute our audio unless the teacher calls on us and raise hand if we have a question or information to share.

3. We DO NOT turn off our video during class, because the teacher will feel disrespected. Be respectful and kind always while the video is on and DO NOT distract the class by showing hand gestures.

4. We stay focused and on task so that we DO NOT miss what the teacher is saying.

What games we play at school

By Nadia

We like to play games after school recess with the principal and the other staff and other students! The games we like to play are like among us, hangman, math games and more!

All these games are appropriate for students to play. We also like to play games in our classroom with our teacher the games we play are harmony cards they are cards that have appropriate questions like some say “who is your hero”. Or they say “what is your favorite animal and why” and then students raise their hands and the teacher will call on them and the students will share. These games are fun to play and you can play them with your family!

These are our friends' quotes some questions

by Connor & Shreyansh

  • Varsha’s favorite thing about school is to make friends and her favorite subject is writing. Varsha’s favorite day in school is the first day of school each year because she is excited to learn. Varsha wants to be a journalist or actress when she grows up!
  • Nadia’s favorite subject is reading and her favorite thing about school is to have free time.Nadia's favorite day is field day because she would get to play lots of games.
  • Jaxon’s favorite subject is reading and math and jaxson’s favorite thing about school is after school on mondays. Jaxon’s favorite day of school is when he meets some of his friends.
  • Kumud’s favorite subject is science, and her favorite thing about school is, she gets to learn a lot of things she might not know. Kumud’s favorite day at school is the first day since winter break because everybody was excited to come back to school.
  • Nandhini ‘s favorite subject is writing and nandhini’s favorite thing about school is she gets to go to break out rooms and she can work and communicate together with her friends. Nandhini’s favorite day of school was her first day of 5th grade because she met Ms. Anderson.
  • Shreyansh’s favorite subject is math and his favorite thing about school is after school recess. His favorite day of school is the first day of his fifth grade year because he got to meet Ms. Anderson.
  • Oliva’s favorite day of school is november 1st and 2nd because it's closer to spending time with her family and it's close to winter.
  • Jonathan’s favorite day of school is field day because you get lots of freedom on that day
  • Michael’s favorite day of school is field day because it's sunny and there are a lot of games to play.
  • What helps Virka succeed is her family and friends. She wants to be an aerospace engineer
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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

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· Acquiring in-depth knowledge of globally significant ideas.

· Appreciating the unique qualities of each person, creating empathy, compassion, and international-mindedness.

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