Art and Architecture

Hindu Culture

Overview of Hindu Art

The Hindu culture is expressed immensely through their art. It's one of the most important objects that is passed along through generations and represents their traditions and customs in many ways.

Traditional Arts and Characteristics

Architecture, Painting, instrumental music, singing, dancing, forehead adornments, creating floral&grain designs on floor, home and temple flower arranging, personal grooming, Mosaic tiling, bedroom arrangements, creating music with water, secret mantras, making flower garland, drapery, jewelry making, poetry games, embroidery, crafting wooden furniture, story telling, etc.

Historical Architecture

Often sculptures are portrayed with multiple arms, symbolizing their power and ability to accomplish many tasks at the same time.

Artifacts Facts

The oldest recordings of Indian art comes from the Hindu's, this art has been inspired by spiritualism and mystical relationship between man and god. Indian art has survived through centuries because it is held and carried on through generations and every one of them adds a new piece to the hindu history. Popular methods of painting were charcoal, water colors, and vegetable dyes.

General Hindu Temples

  • Lavishing sculpture decorations
  • Disorted pictures
  • Large niches in three exterior walls of scantum horse sculpted images
  • Temples dedicated to a Vishnu potrays his incarnations
  • Temples dedicated to a Shiva potrays his various combative feats
  • Temples dedicated to a Great Goddess potrays her battles with various demons
  • Exterior halls usually are also filled with figural sculptures

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