Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand

Renaissance Rulers


Queen Isabella was born in 1451 and came from a long line of Catholic kings and queens who believed royalty was a God-given gift. Isabella spent her early years at Arevalo (a market town in the heart of the Castilian Meseta) and she was exposed to carious heroes and heroines of history.

King Ferdinand was born in 1452 in Sos in Aragon and was raised to be a king and an exemplary Catholic. Ferdinand was taught to read and write and from age 10 he commanded his own staff of retainers and soldiers. He was also exposed to many different types of people coming in and out of the ports. Also at an early age he already shown skills in leadership and politics.


Together King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella changed and molded Spain from the separated and confused state it was before to a unified and altered nation. Also besides Ferdinand and Isabella's success in unification and harsh cruelty towards non-Christians, they also sponsored Christopher Columbus and his voyage of discovery. Also they were both patrons of scholars and artists and bettered Spain by establishing educational institutions and building a large art work collection.

Impact on Today

Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand helped sponsor Christopher Columbus on voyage of discovery and without them sponsoring him it helped discover America. They also helped make Spain into one nation and not just different individuals like they use to be.

Interesting Facts

Queen Isabella:

  • Isabella's grandmother devout Catholic who often made pilgrimages in her bare feet to certain shrines.
  • When Isabella was three her father died and her half brother became king.
  • Her mother became depressed soon after Isabella's birth.
  • A friend described her as "the handsomest whom I ever beheld."
King Ferdinand:

  • King Ferdinand loved to joust and gamble.
  • He was curious about everything and was always eager to learn.
  • On Monday and Thursday his servants would find twelve of the poorest of his subjects so he could serve them supper and wash their feet just as Jesus did with his disciples.


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