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December 4, 2020

Report Cards

Trimester 1 Report Cards were posted to Home Access Center on Wednesday, December 2, 2020. You can access your child's report card by logging into Home Access Center.

As a reminder, report cards will only be accessible online. Paper copies will not be sent home.

Technical Support for Families

If families are experiencing any technical issues please go HERE first. Technical support can be accessed directly through either a live chat or by submitting a ticket to the Help Desk

Health Office Connection

The Illinois School Code requires that all students entering Kindergarten or an Illinois school for the first time, as well as transfer students must submit evidence of:

  • A physical examination and a complete record of immunizations prior to starting classes or receiving services (includes walk-in speech).
  • A vision exam by a physician who does a complete eye exam or an optometrist.

Students who are new to District 303 and Illinois schools must submit health records within 30 days of entering school. Transferred health records will be reviewed by the school nurse for compliance with Illinois school health requirements.

Students in kindergarten and second must submit evidence of a dental examination by May 15th of that school year. Dental exams must be completed within 18 months prior to May 15th.

Students entering 6th grade for the 2021-2022 school year also need a physical exam and a dental exam. Additional vaccines (Tdap and meningococcal vaccines) are required in 6th grade at age 11. In addition, your child must have the hepatitis B series complete for 6th grade.

*Please make a copy of your child's health records before releasing them to the school.

Students not currently in compliance who are remote have not been excluded, but will need to be in compliance before returning to in person learning. Please plan accordingly with scheduling appointments. Please keep your school’s nurse informed about any difficulties in fulfilling physical or immunization requirements. We are happy to assist you in getting these requirements met or if you need copies of your child’s immunization record or physical.

Davis Health Office (331) 228-2204

Richmond Health Office (331) 228-2804

E-mail: sherry.wisdom@d303.org

Davis Primary


Our Davis students took the iReady math and reading diagnostics this past Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you parents for all of your support. We are excited to see all of the growth our students have made. You will be sent a copy of your child’s results in January.

Color Week!

Our Davis students have been learning all about the Zones of Regulation. When students can monitor how their body is feeling then they can name their emotions and learn strategies to deal with them. Every day next week the children will be wearing a color they have learned about and there will be a lesson to review that color and emotion.

Monday - Wear Blue

Tuesday - Wear Green

Wednesday - Wear Yellow

Thursday - Wear Red

Friday - Rainbow Review - Wear all of the colors!

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Richmond Intermediate


Richmond students will take the diagnostic assessment remotel. Each Grade Level will be starting their Diagnostics (Reading and Math) on a different day. Your child's teacher will be notifying you of their start date. Parents, please read the attached letter HERE to know what to expect as a parent and how to support a distraction free environment during the testing.

How parents can support their child:

  1. Watch the video linked here.

  2. Get Organized! Find a quiet space so your kids can be as distraction-free as possible.

  3. Encourage and Motivate your child to simply do their best. There will be some questions that they will quickly know how to solve and some that are more difficult. That is the whole point of an adaptive assessment. It adjusts to their personalized progress as the assessment continues.

  4. Support but DO NOT HELP! You wouldn't help your child say the letters on an eye exam poster, would you? It's the same thing, we want to know what they have learned, not what their parents know. :)

  5. When they finish, celebrate their effort!

The diagnostic may take more than one sitting. That's ok. We want your child to do their best and take the time they need. Please do not rush them to finish. They can always complete it the following day.

Have more questions or are you curious about iReady? Check out this iReady Parent Resource Site set up by D303.

District News

Latinx KidLit Book Festival

The Latinx KidLit Book Festival will be held Friday and Saturday. All of the events are free and there are some amazing authors who will be speaking, including Lulu Delacre who will be speaking to the bilingual classes in March. There is a 123 Andres concert on Saturday!

For a free schedule and watch links: https://www.latinxkidlitbookfestival.com/

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