Mrs. Baker's Newsletter

November 21, 2019

What is going on?

I hope everyone has a safe and restful Thanksgiving break! Please enjoy the slower pace to enjoy your wonderful kids!

The week of Dec 2-6th we are going to be completing another Aims Web (national normed test) assessment to check on the kids Math fact fluency. Please remember Math Facts Pro or Flashcards 3-4 times a week really pays off later!

A few things to make sure your child is solid on...please check on subtraction/ addition with regrouping, measurement, and telling time. These skills are spiraled through the year. It really helps with confidence if they have it down to a T.

It’s Digital Citizenship Week in Round Rock ISD!

November 18th-22nd

Each day this week, Round Rock ISD students will be learning and refreshing their memories about Digital Citizenship and what it means to stay safe and make good choices while using the internet.

TAG TESTING WINDOW IS OPEN until Dec. 6 @ 4:00 pm. - Please send parents to the TAG website to click on the tab labeled “TAG testing INFO” in order to fill out the online registration if they ask you about it registering to test.

“Would you like to enhance our school library collection and celebrate your child’s birthday? Click here for our Sommer Library Birthday Book program. A fifteen dollar donation allows your child to pick a new book (or book of their choice) and check it out for the first time. A sticker is placed in the book to honor the donation, and your child’s picture is displayed for the year in the hallway.”

This and That...


  • Nov. 25-29 Thanksgiving Holidays
  • Dec. 4 1st Grade Field Trip
  • Dec. 5 Kinder Field Trip
  • Dec. 6 PASSPORT TO SOMMER is coming!!
  • Dec. 9 Dowser Dan Assembly for 2nd Grade
  • Dec. 12 Holiday Meal for Families of 4th/5th Grades/ Science Fair Info Night
  • Dec. 17 3rd Grade Economics Fair
  • Dec. 19th Second Grade Party (12:30-1:15)

Coming up...

Reading & Writing: We will begin our 1st PBL project. Our driving question will be: How can we educate others about the world’s different cultural celebrations? Students will research a country to teach others about cultural celebrations through written communication and artistic representation by creating a culture doll.

Spelling: Day, was, over, play, into, almost, able, each


Science: Our science this week will be intertwined with the focus on cultural celebrations around the world as we launch our first PBL. Our focus is geography and culture.

Math: We will begin learning about equal fractional parts:halves, fourths, and eighths. Students will be counting fractional parts beyond one whole using words and recognizing how many parts it takes to equal one whole.

Happy Thanksgiving!