Injustice Bullying

By Shaun Villanueva

what is bullying

Bullying is where a group of people or person that aggressively send hurtful verbal words or a hurtful physical way. Bullying is done by person who thinks it is a superior way to hurt a person physically or verbally. The hurtful ways of verbal bullying Is threatening someone, name calling someone and many more while physical are hitting, kicking, and punching someone.

who does it effect to

It effect the person that kids bullied not only that but the person that is a victim of getting bullied affect their grade in school, their concentration in school, and getting school dropouts. The Victim of getting also losses the way the person acts by getting depression, low self-esteem, and sleeping problems.

why should their be a memeorial

Their should be a memorial to honor who committed suicide due to bullying. It shows support to stop bullying. The memorial makes people realize how hurtful bullying can be. The honor also shows people who are victim being bullied should not do bad things. The memorial also stops who are bullying someone.

where should the memeorial be

the memorial should take place in a school. the reason why its in school because its where buying mostly happens. That where bullying and victim of bullying happen.

what is my goal for the memorial

Its goal to stop the stop kids keep bullying. To help who has problem because of getting bullied. It also meant to prevent kids to becoming a bully.