Tech Talk

September 2015

Tech to Try This is a free website that can be used as a newsletter for parent communication and with already made easy to use templates.

iPad Ideas

  • ScreenChomp is an interactive whiteboard app that students can use for vocabulary, math, and spelling practice.
  • Chatterpix is an app and Blabberize is a website that can be used for book talks, plant talks on photosynthesis, and biographies.

Check out the links below for additional technology resources

Technology Survey

Ideas for Logging In/Remembering Passwords

* Use Chatterpix- Have a character that helps students remember the login stem (, year/month/day)

* Use a container with Popsicle sticks. Each stick has a student’s password information..

*Provide instructions and have parents write password information on Parent Night for students to keep at school and at home

*Lanyards for each student with login information

*Key ring- Have each student’s information on a key ring for easy access

*Write login stem to post in classroom for students to see

*Send home login information as homework