The Oregon Trail

by blaine

a day on the trail

May 2 1842

We were having a hard time today. We had to cross the river .I hate the rivers. My dad died by the hands of a river. So my two brothers are like my dad. We have 200 wagons on the trail. We have six oxen for are wagon. I had been up since four in the morning .There are no outhouses.

So we have to go where we need. I did not ride in the wagon in the wagon. My mom says ‘’Blaine you have two get used to it’’.

We walk 20 miles a day seven days a week. We stop at nine O clock. I think that the trail is very hard. One of my brothers is in love with a girl. When we stop I get more buffalo chips for the fire. I am the only kid who doses it the others say they are too clean. I have to do it for the fire so I have to do it for every fire we make.

Tomorrow I think that it will be hard. We are having hard time. We have to kill animals. Today I heard a bang and somebody fell dead. My friend bob was dead. I was sad. A lot of people died on the trip.

I would go on the trail

I would go on the trail for glory. I would go for a new life. Then for fun. Also I could hunt many manilas. I would keep small stuff and other things. I say I would want new land and gold. I would save money

To go there .I would go it would be worth the money and time. We would have four oxen. In Oregon

We will get to see Oregon City. And see a lot of new plants and amoles on the trail. I would go during 1849 for gold. I would save four nine years then go during the gold rush. I would tell my family. I would tell the same thing to my Nabors all about the glory. Then when we would go with the wagon trains so. We could be not alone and not be dead. I would pack very important stuff.

See how long the trail was

how long was the Oregon trail!

the trail 2,200 miles and 3,500 kiloneters. Aslio the stuff i would take are. Rifles and gun powder . Along with coffe and eggs .Then i would bring cups forks kives spoons.And lead along with plentey of chothes .And chothe to make bandging and a knife. And stuff for small pox. The five thingens i lernd. 1 How much a wagon would way. 2 The dangers they faced. 3 How they had to laeve stuff behind . 4 the deaths of maney popliue. 5 Then the stuff they had left.

Wagon Wheel

Wagon wheels are very big, usually made out of wood.
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