Animal Rights

By: Addison Sork

Fight for a Cause!

Animal rights is an issue that has been greatly discussed. Animals deserve to be treated right and fair. Animals can feel all the types of emotions that humans can feel, including pain. Animals should be able to feel safe and loved in their home, so lets make that happen! The people in Coppell can do a little things that can end up helping so many animals in our community.


Helping and spreading the cause of animal rights, can have a huge, positive effect on animals in our community! Helping this cause can save many animals free from feeling pain. All living things should live without pain. When you help animal rights, the people that commit these crimes will be arrested and put into jail. Helping this cause in general will make you feel good about yourself and want to keep saving animals life's.


You might ask yourself, how do I help fight for this cause? Well, thats easy! All you need to do is go to the Coppell website, and search Animal Services! On that website you can find the Animal Services email to write them a note if you want to volunteer, or maybe if you want to donate money! Doing these little and quick things can make a big difference for all the animals in the Coppell community!