One day to clean a lake!


What will happen if we pollute?

EVERYONE can help cleaning the lake. We can take ACTION, such as building water filtration systems, using boats that do not pollute the lake. These are just a few thing that can help keep the lake without debris.

But if you want to have a major impact on lac leman come to the net leman you will be able to have a major impact on the lake. Only in at least 20 minuets.

Net Leman

Saturday, May 24th, 8:30am-1pm

This is an online event.

all you can do is to stay there for 20 minuets or more to help pick up trash. For information on how to register for it check There you will be able to pick an area to go to and when. Remember this only happens once a year!

What can we do to help

Here is how you can help...

to help you can come to the big Lake Leman clean up Saturday the 12 of march! Just to come for 20 minutes or more to help clean up. Look below for more information on how to when it is.