Forensics Unit

We Must Find the Killer of Mr. Parrish!

Mr. Parrish


We Search Every Nook and Cranny of the Crime Scene!

In the end this has helped us in finding the killer.

Suspects: Ms. Lecceardone, Mr. Sayles, Ms. Dixon, and Mr. Rice.

You Can Even See the Crime Scene Too!

Ms. Lecceardone

Kelly Lecceardone Interrogation Notes

-Ms. Lecceardone is a full time teacher.

-Mr. Parrish has previously stolen gummy bears from Ms. Lecceardone.

-Ms. Dixon was with Ms. Lecceardone at So Ho.

-At the Time of the Crime she was home with Geno, her dog.

Ms. Lecceardone is not guilty because she was at home with her dog when the murder was committed.

Mr. Sayles

Andy Sayles Interrogation Notes:

Mr. Parrish had a loud mouth and wasn’t afraid to share his opinion.

Mr. Sayles had to go to a house because of a mushroom problem.

Mr. Sayles is in possession of a Death Cap Mushroom.

Mr. Sayles left the house at 3:45 because he needed to go to practice.

Mr. Sayles isn't guilty because he couldn't be at the crime scene. He also has a whole team to back him up on being at practice.

Ms. Dixon

Erin Dixon Interrogation Notes:

-Ms. Dixon was wearing a large bandage on her head.

-Ms. Dixon had a somewhat poor relationship with the victim.

-When told that she was seen running from the crime with only 1 shoe on around the time of the crime, she denied the possibility completely.

-Erin Dixon said that she was in a meeting with Ms. Little during the incident.

Ms. Dixon is guilty because all the labs match up to her and she was seen running from the crime scene when Mr. Parrish died.

Mr. Rice

John Rice Interrogation Notes

-Mr. Rice was very evasive when asked where he was.

-Mr. Rice has possession of rat poison.

-Mr. Rice was slightly upset with Jack Parrish.

-Mr. Rice was in Gainesville at 4 pm.

John Rice is not guilty because he couldn't have been at the crime scene at the time of death.

Lab 1: Crime Scene Observations

· Spoon with white liquid on chair

· Words “HS” on white board in red

· Chair Flipped over

· Blood splattered in front of chair that is flipped over

· Hair at the end of the table – brown

· Cup of gummy bears on table, green, orange, red

· Crumbled peace of paper with blood in front of flipped chair

· Gun and garden magazine next to the crumbled peace of paper

· Perfume smell in room

· Tissue on floor with blood on it

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Lab 2: Blood Detection

We had to figure out what blood types each of the suspects are. Mr. Sayles has the blood type O. Ms. Dixon’s blood type is A or B. Ms. Lecceardone’s blood types could be B or O. Mr. Rice’s blood type A. We used Punnett square and the blood types of their parents to figure all this out. This lab pointed to Ms. Dixon as being the prime suspect.

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Lab 3: Hair Analysis

A hair clump was found on the floor of the crime scene. We had to inspect the hair found and the hair of suspects to see which ones matched. The evidence’s hair was brown and had a black line near the bottom. Mr. Rice’s hair was blackish brownish with some black dots on the sides. Ms. Lecceardone’s hair was blonde with black dots going through the middle. Ms. Dixon’s hair was blonde with nothing else. Mr. Sayles’s hair was brown with nothing on it. This lab points to Mr. Sayles as the suspect.

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Lab 4: Blood Typing

In the crime scene there was blood all over the table. We took that blood to see what type it was. We took Mr. Parrish’s blood too. Mr. Parrish’s blood type is AB. The blood on the table was blood type A. This lab makes Ms. Dixon and Mr. Rice the suspects.

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Lab 5: Fingerprint Analysis

In the fingerprint analysis, we compared the suspects' fingerprints and multiple examples of types of fingerprints. John Rice has a plain loop fingerprint, Erin Dixon has a whorl fingerprint, Kelly Lecceardone has a plain loop fingerprint, and Andy Sayles has a plain arch fingerprint. There was two fingerprints lifted from the crime scene: a whorl and a plain loop. In the end, the fingerprints of Mr. Rice, Ms. Dixon, and Ms. Lecceardone share similarities with the prints from the crime scene. We also found out what type of fingerprints we have.

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Lab 6: Powder Analysis

In the lab we dropped water, vinegar, and Iodine into poisons and the powder at the crime scene to see which reactions match the other ones. Substance B (cyanide) matched the powder at the evidence every single time, so Cyanide was the powder in the crime scene.

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Using the temperature of the victim's dead body and a time of death formula, we were able to find out that Jack Parish died at 4:30 pm on November 19. When analyzing powder from the crime scene, we found out that Cyanide was the poison that killed Mr. Parrish. Knowing that Cyanide was the poison, we were able to calculate that the the poison was given to Mr. Parrish at four o'clock.