Tech Update


Replacement Screws

As most of you know, screws are coming loose and falling out the bottom of some of the student laptops. We are working with Dell to get more replacement screws. For now, if any of your students need replacement screws, please e-mail Mr. Duke their name and the number of screws they need. If you find any screws on the floor please give them to Mr. Duke.

The Brightspace session timeout.

After 30 minutes of inactivity a pop-up will prompt users to click “ok” to remain logged in to D2L. Inactivity in D2L is defined as not having clicked on a link inside D2L within 30 minutes. Users may need to enable pop-ups for D2L to see the warning in their specific browser.

We have encountered two specific cases when students may encounter the timeout notification:
  1. Students who are watching videos or reading materials may encounter this pop-up as they are passively watching rather than actively clicking.
  2. Users taking test may not have clicked links if the test is on one page. We encourage students to save their work after each question as doing so will not only save their work, but will also reset the timeout clock

Loaner Laptops

Please remember that we only have 10 loaner laptops for the whole building, and the loaners are to be used for students that are experiencing problems with their laptop. Loaners will not be given to students that did not charge their laptop, or left it at home. Exceptions will be made during district testing when students are required to use a computer.