Jackie Robinson

Racial and Armed Forces Inequality By: Derek Dzwonek

The Hero of the Century

This man is a man who started what Martin Luther King Jr. finished. This man is Jackie Robinson, a past baseball player who changed the name of baseball forever. He showed everyone that blacks deserve to have the same respect as whites do, and they deserve as much chances too. Jackie was the man who started the debate on racism, the link to Martin Luther King's dream, the reason why racism was stopped in the 1960's.

Racial Inequality

When Jackie Robinson became a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers, he was called many racist names, some people told him that he would never make it to the big time. Despite all the insult and the racism from coaches, fans, other teams, and even his own teammates, Jackie always played hard, got the Dodgers into the national league so many times, and got the respect he finally deserved. Jackie also made it possible for other blacks to join baseball in all white teams.

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Armed Forces Inequality

When Jackie Robinson was arrested, the military bailed him out due to the unfairness of the reason. Jackie was sitting in a military bus, he was fine until the driver demanded he give up his seat for a white person who wanted the seat. Instead of moving, or fighting back, Jackie just sat there as if he had ignored the bus driver. He was soon arrested for disrespecting the law, and disrespecting the person he had to move for, even though the rule did not apply to military Officers/Soldiers.

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Racism Today

So many black kids on their way to and from school are being shot in the head for no reason by white police officers. There are even some colleges that have trouble with racism, especially when a kid who is not from America try to join a college sport team. But the worst racism is in the military. So many blacks, Hispanics, and even some whites that are no from America are having to deal with racism while fighting for America. They are having to suffer racial discrimination in their current unit.

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Solutions to Racism Today

Some black kids are being shot by white cops for no reason at all. Other college sports student are suffering what Jackie Robinson did. Even the military is racist to people. Many people who are being bullied by racism can choose to do what Jackie Robinson did. Some people who are victims of racism in the military should remind the racist that they are fighting for America, a country the racist may be from. Or if you're a victim of racism in a college sport team, you can do what Jackie Robinson did, ignore the racism, show how talented you are, and eventually you will earn the respect you deserve.

So basically, here are three solutions:

  • Military: Remind the racist what country you are fighting for.
  • College: Do what Jackie Robinson did and ignore it, show what you can do, and just wait for the respect.
  • Police: If you see a police officer show a child for no reason, report the officer to the authorities or to the real police.