Wizer Challenge

Interactive assessments using Wizer

The goal of this challenge is to explore the possibilities of using Wizer as an assessment tool.

Wizer is a free tool that will allows you to create interactive assessments. Wizer allows students to receive immediate feedback on most tasks or question types. Wizer easily integrates with Google Classoom

Your Mission Part 1: Explore

1. Click on the video link below and review the getting started video.

2. Go to this link and create account/login as a teacher (Google account suggested)

3. Take some time to explore community worksheets. There are a lot there to choose from.

4. Find one you would like to use and choose "Use worksheet".

5. Make the necessary changes to meet your needs and select SAVE

8. After saving, please post a link (via share) to this Padlet.

9. Using the Padlet will allow others to see ideas and thoughts for the tool.

Your Mission Part 2: Create

1. Now to Create: Select Create from the menu at top

2. Give your worksheet a title

3. Select a worksheet design from the right

4. Begin adding "tasks" to meet the needs or the type of question you desire.

5. Try to add at least three different types of questions.

6. Share your link with one or two people at your table to complete.

7. Provide necessary feedback to the submissions you received on your "worksheet"

Mission part 3: SHARE

Please post to the collaborative Padlet some ideas on how you could use Wizer with students.


  • Teachers should always sign in as a "teacher"
  • Sharing via Google Classroom is suggested
  • The immediate feedback is one of my favorite features
  • The ability to add an audio recording of the question is AwEsoMe!
How to make a Wizer Worksheet