take the STAAR test away.

bye bye staar test.

why there should not be a staar test

The STAAR test is a timed tests that is 4 hours limit and that increasing many students stress levels.
  • the staar test can keep a student from graduating and they have to pass 15 other test to pass.
  • STAAR scores can hurt chance for college admission
  • STAAR tests will present the greatest challenge to students already hampered by less fortunate.
  • staar vs. the taks

    • The staar test is made to be harder then the taks.
    • The writing staar has two writing test and the taks had one.
    • The taks test was all day but the staar is four hours.

    facts about staar

    • The staar test counts as 15% of a schools grade.

    My own opinion on the staar.

    I think that the staar test should be gone and the taks can come back and just be a test to see if you learned anything over the whole school year and that if you don't pass you shouldn't have to do the school year over again. You can just go to summer school.