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It doesn't matter if you are the plaintiff or the defendant we are here to help. In civil cases we will guide you through filing the complaint if you are the plaintiff and if you are the defendant we will help you answer the summons telling you that you have been served with a complaint. As the plaintiff we will have to prove our evidence not on the amount that we have but the accuracy of our evidence, this will be known as preponderance of evidence. Our law firm will file all the pleadings and necessary documents needed to take care of you. Before taking the case to court if possible we would like to try to go through mediation although this is an agreement between both parties it is not legally binding. My law firm would prefer to go through arbitration because the judgment by the neutral party is legal and binding. This is what is best for my clients, so that the opposing side can not change their minds like in a mediation and still push to go to court.

For my criminal cases that I choose to take on there are steps that I like to go through before trial. First I like to meet with you and the witnesses we will need to present during the case. This is important so there are no SURPRISES. I along with the prosecutor and the judge will have a pretrial conference. This is nothing to worry about, it is just a formality to discuss what evidence is presented and a timeline (technicalities to that effect). During the trial we will present our evidence and the state will present theirs. At the end when all is presented the jury will decide what they believe is the truth. The jury will come back with a verdict of guilty or not guilty. I always push for not guilty because that is my job as I represent you. If for some reason our case was not proven adequate we can appeal the case to try and get another court date. This way we have a chance to possibly have a different verdict, one in our favor.

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